The 5 best Safe bug sprays

Keeping your home safe from toxic chemicals while treating pests is no easy task. 

It can sometimes feel like you have to choose between having toxic chemicals or pests in your home. 

I’m here to tell you that this is not the case. 

In this post, you will find the 5 best safe and all-natural bug spray. 

Let’s dive in!

1. MDX Concepts Organic Home Pest Control Spray

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✅ Fast-acting

✅Kills on contact


✅Pet safe


✅Non-pesticide smell



🚫 Limited protection coverage

🚫Does not guarantee lasting protection

🚫Not a single-use bug killing product

🚫Requires repetitive use for reliability

🚫Not a repellent

🚫Does not kill every type of bug

Key Details

  • Type Of Killer: Spray
  • Active Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – 3%, Peppermint oil – 2%, Rosemary and Spearmint Oil – 1% and Inert ingredients – 93%
  • How Fast Does It Work: Kills on contact 
  • How Long Does It Last: No Residual Effect

How Does It Work

MDXconcepts Home Pest Control Spray is completely safe and non-toxic. It’s made of a combination of essential oils and organic vinegar.

Using these natural substances, the spray attacks the insect’s nervous system eventually leading to death.

Although it is deadly to small insects, it is safe for children and pets.
When applying MDXConcepts, you must make contact with the spider you are trying to kill. This product does not have a residual effect. So once it dries, there will be no impact on the insects.

What I Like

All-natural ingredients 

Derived entirely from plants and organically sourced essential oils. This product is safe for pets and humans. 

You can use this product knowing that you are not spreading harmful chemicals inside your home. 


Pleasant aroma 

In contrast to other odorous pest control products in the market, one advantage of this spray is its excellent and pleasing aroma.


Contact Kill 

The benefit of this spider spray is that it delivers a contact kill. There is no wondering whether the spider died or escaped. If the spray comes in contact with the spider, it will die.

What I Dislike

No Residual Effect

Unfortunately, this product does not have any residual effect on insects. This means that you need to continually spray a fresh batch of chemicals on the surface for the spiders to die. 

There is no way for the spray to create a protective barrier against new spiders without a residual effect. 


Low Knockdown Rate 

While it can kill on contact, the knockdown rate is low. 

Since this uses all-natural chemicals, the mortality rate is much lower and comparable to low-priced market pesticides.

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2. EcoRaider

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✅ Natural and safe for people and pets

✅Causes immediate bed bug paralysis and death

✅Residual protection for 2 weeks

✅Safe to use on clothing and linens as well as mattresses and furniture.

✅Kills every stage of life.

✅Available in a small, personal-size spray bottle that is perfect for traveling protection.

✅Effective against all stages of a bed bug’s life cycle.

✅Safe to spray indoors or outdoors


🚫 Some may be sensitive to the smell

🚫Cannot kill most bed bug eggs

🚫You have to use it consistently at least once a week 

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Natural Geraniol – 1%, Cedar oil – 1%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – 2%
  • How fast does it work: Kills on contact
  • How long does it last: 2 weeks
  • How Does It Work

    EcoRaider patent formula is designed to destroy cockroach exoskeleton. 

    After penetrating the exoskeleton, it attacks specific neuron receptors of invertebrates. 

    This ensures that people and other mammals such as dogs and cats remained unharmed if they come in contact with EcoRaider. 

    What I Like


    Since it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it’s completely safe to use around pets and children. 


    Good for the skin

    You don’t need to worry if you happen to be sprayed on or have direct contact with the product because it will not irritate your skin.



    You can just freely spray anywhere in your house even on your mattress or couches directly because it leaves no stain.



    It’s recommended by the USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticide Program for public housing.



    This product kills adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs fast on contact with 100% efficacy, even kills resistant bed bugs. It is also the only natural product that achieved 100% mortality of bed bugs. 


    Extended residual protection

    More than eliminating bed bugs fast and thoroughly on contact, EcoRaider also provides extended dry residual protection for two weeks after treatment. 

    What I Dislike

    Strong smell

    I had to leave my house for a few hours after spraying Ecoraider and wait until the spray dries.



    It is a bit costly as compared to most bug killers in the market. If you want to treat your entire house or several rooms, you will need to purchase several bottles. 

    Purchasing multiple bottles can get expensive. 

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    3. Wondercide Indoor Pest Control Spray

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    ✅ 100% Natural

    ✅Kid and Pet Safe

    ✅Active contents and effects are backed by research

    ✅Doesn’t leave stains

    ✅Four scents to choose from


    🚫Only comes in large bottles

    🚫Pets may dislike the odor of the spray

    🚫Won’t kill attached ticks

    🚫Overpowering scent

    🚫Formula works on bugs when totally wet.

    🚫Requires repeated application


    🚫May not be as effective as wholly-chemical insecticides

    Key Details

    • Active Ingredient: 4.2% cedarwood oil, 2.2% sodium lauryl sulfate, 1.5% lemongrass oil, 0.1% sesame oil.
    • How fast does it work: kills-on-contact 
    • How long does it last: Does not have any residual killing effect. 

    How Does It Work

     Wondercide harnesses the killing power of Cedar oil and directly affects octopamine, which is a life essential for pheromone-driven pests.

    Octopamine is responsible for regulating heart rate, movement, and behavior in insects and pests.

    Cedar oil acts up and blocks the octopamine neurotransmitter receptors in pests, causing pests to be repelled from the area.

    When contacted, pests suffocate and die.

    What I Like


    The greatest thing about this product is that it is all-natural. 

    It uses a combination of essential oil to kill insects. It uses a combination to ensure it can kill multiple insects.

    You can feel confident that you can apply this spray to areas were your pets will be active. 


    Kills on Contact

    This product is highly effective at killing bugs on contact. As long as this product is wet it remains toxic to most insects that come in contact with it. 

    What I Dislike

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    4. Ortho Home Defense Safe Bug Spray

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    ✅ Fast-acting

    ✅Leaves a lengthy residual effect.

    ✅Easy to use and apply.

    ✅Ortho is a trusted brand

    ✅Will kill almost all insects

    ✅Completely odorless


    ✅Good for indoor and outdoor use

    ✅Great value for money


    🚫Pet safety concern when dry.

    🚫Fast dry up time

    🚫Does not work on all insects.

    🚫Cannot be applied on wet surfaces

    🚫Has toxic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

    🚫Spray nozzles have a faulty design

    🚫May have packaging leaks

    Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin 0.05%, Zeta-Cypermethrin 0.0125%
  • How fast does it work: Kills instantly
  • How long does it last: Up to 12 month protection
  • How Does It Work

    When directly sprayed on the pests, Bifenthrin interferes with the nervous system of insects when they eat or touch it.

    It’s more toxic to insects than it is to people because insects have lower body temperatures and smaller body size.

    Cypermethrin (CP) is a synthetic pyrethroid used as an insecticide, it behaves as a fast-acting neurotoxin in insects.

    What I Like

    Instant Kill 

    Now, this is an insecticide that kills pests dead in their tracks. Dropping flies and bed bugs alike instantaneously. 

    All you need to do is spread the killing power of Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray everywhere! It does not stain and smell!


    Easy To Find and Inexpensive 

    One of the best things about this product is that is that it’s easy to find. You can easily find this product in stores or online and it’s affordable. 

    You can treat large areas for a reasonable price. 

    What I Dislike


    This is an expensive natural option. For small bottles, you will often pay 2x or 3x to get the same amount of a toxic chemical. 

    If you need to treat large areas with this product is can get expensive. ‘


    No residual effect 

    The main disadvantage of this product is that there is no residual effect. 

    This means that you must ensure your product comes in direct contact with the insect to kill any insects. 

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    5. Eco Smart Pet Safe Bed Bug Spray

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    ✅Uses organically sourced oils such as Peppermint and Clove Oil

    ✅100% Organic

    ✅Uses non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the environment

    ✅Fast acting spray that can kill adult bugs and their larvae

    ✅Poses no threat when used around children or pets

    ✅Non-staining formula

    ✅Easy to use spray


    🚫Might cause mild irritations if not used properly

    🚫Ingredients might cause skin reaction due to allergies

    🚫Scent may be irritating to smell-sensitive people

    Key Details

    • Active Ingredients: 2-Phenethyl Propionate – 3.0%; Peppermint Oil -1.5%; Rosemary Oil – 1.5%; Inert Ingredients*- 94.0%
    • How fast does it work: kills on contact
    • How long does it last: no residual effect 

    How Does It Work

    The Eco Smart Pet Safe Bed Bug Spray is a product that contains organically sourced concentrates such as Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Oil that repels pests due to its scent, and 2-Phenethyl Propionate, which acts as an insect attractant for an effective killing action.

    It doesn’t contain any harmful toxins making it safe to use around children or pets.

    The insect repeller is convenient to use, and its mist can easily reach through tight spaces due to its spray nozzle.

    The product’s formula is non-staining and is safe to use on all types of surfaces, carpets, walls, rooms, and the usual insect crawl spaces.

    However, it cannot be used in entry points such as windows or door cases made of vinyl.  

    What I Like

    Ecologically safe formula

    The EcoSmart Spray is composed of organic and non-toxic ingredients that will not harm the environment, nor will it contaminate or hurt aquatic organisms. 

    EPA approved product

    EcoSmart, the brand behind the Pet Safe Bed Bug Spray, is known as an EPA approved manufacturer of organic pesticides in the U.S., assuring you of its quality service. 

    Convenient bottle design

    The product is ready-to-use making it easy for application without any special dilution instructions and aids in convenient pest control.

    What I Dislike

    May cause mucus irritation to pets

    Although the label suggests that the product is safe to use around pets, there are cases where exposure to its scent has caused mucus irritation that lead to sinus infection. Use the product responsibly around your furry friends. 

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    For years, concentrated botanical oils have been utilized to protect households from insects. These solutions, though pleasant for our senses, are highly deterrent for insects, causing them to flee.

    There are excellent insect-killing formulations out there that are a good substitute if you prefer using natural ingredients than chemical solutions that might cause harm or injuries. 

    Choose one from the items listed above and enjoy an insect-free home while enjoying its relaxing scent, perfect for indoors. 

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