Are Wasps Drawn to Light?

Wasps are Drawn to Light

The simple answer is yes. Wasps are attracted to light, so you’ll want to turn off your porch lights to avoid drawing these carnivorous insects to your door.

Wasps are especially drawn to bright white lights, like the ones you might typically find in a bathroom.

Why are Wasps Drawn to Light?

If you’ve ever seen a crowd of moths, flies, or other pests gathering around a lamp or light, you know that some bugs are drawn to light against their better interest. Like other insects, wasps get confused in the presence of human-made lights because it affects their navigational system.

Insects attracted to light

Wasps May Still Gather When Lights Are Off

Wasps may also venture towards your lamps, lanterns, or light fixtures when they are off. The reason is that they can find the dead bodies of other insects. This bug graveyard is like a supermarket for wasps. Similar to shoppers, wasps will take what they need back home. And they might return for more.

How to Keep Wasps Away

If you’re trying to keep wasps out of or away from your home, be sure to clean up any potential feeding sources for wasps and turn off lights.

Wasps are also attracted to many popular and pleasant smells, so if you’re worried about them being attracted to you, avoid wearing scented perfumes, hair and skin products, and deodorant. On the other hand, wasps dislike eucalyptus and mint essential oils.

Why You Should Never Kill or Swat Wasps

Whatever you do, don’t kill or try to fight a wasp. When killed, wasps emit an odor that alerts other wasps to danger and puts them on edge. Killing one wasp can put you on the wrong side of the whole colony.

Wasps are also beneficial to the ecosystem. In addition to pollinating plants, wasps eat houseflies, ticks, and other pests you don’t want around. Fewer wasps translate to higher populations of other pests—so put down the swatter and walk away.