10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders

how to get rid of wolf spiders

Wolf spiders often seem to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Although frequently larger than a quarter, at times they seem to appear out of nowhere. If you have ever had a Wolf Spider infestation or seen a Wolf Spider in general, you know what I’m talking about and it can definitely leave … Read more

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work? Here is the Truth

ultrasonic pest repeller

In the pest control industry, few products are as controversial as ultrasonic pest repellers. Some homeowners claim they are the end all be all pest control products, while others say they had zero effect and are an absolute scam. As the controversy rages on, I’ll share my opinion on the topic and what I have … Read more

I Saw One Cockroach Should I Be Worried?

i saw one cockroach should i be worried

Cockroaches are without a doubt one of the nastiest pests I’ve dealt with as a pest control technician. They reproduce quickly, at times seem immortal, and can have serious negative effects on a home. Cockroach treatment can cost hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars, so I understand why homeowners cringe at the sight of … Read more

How to Get Rid of Skunks (5 Best Ways)

how to get rid of skunks

If you have skunks around your home, you already know what a pest they can be. Along with their spray having a very strong and displeasing odor, skunks can cause serious property damage. Skunks will spray in order to defend themselves if they get startled or hurt. Typically, it’s wild skunks and their young, called … Read more

14 Best Way to Get Rid of Mice in 2020

best ways to get rid of mice

There is an old saying “to catch a mouse, you must think like a mouse.” The truth is there is a little more to it than just that, and a number of circumstances can influence which approach will work best for you. In this guide, I’ll cover all the best strategies including trapping, non-lethal methods, … Read more

5 Best Bed Bug Sprays and How to Use Them in Your Treatment Plan

best bug bed spray

There’s no doubt about it, discovering bed bugs in your home is horrifying. When you see tell-tale signs of bed bugs, you need to take action right away because they multiply quickly and can spread to every corner of your home To get rid of bed bugs in your home, you’ll need a multi-faceted approach. … Read more

How to Keep Ants Off Hummingbird Feeders (7 Smart Ways)

how to keep ants off hummingbird feeder

It’s a familiar scenario. You put up a hummingbird feeder and in the first few weeks, there is a flurry of colorful visitors. But, then the hummingbirds suddenly stop making appearances. As you investigate, you still see nectar in the feeder. But, there is also one other thing you didn’t expect: ants (and likely lots … Read more

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks – Natural Repellents, Traps, and Tips

how to get rid of chipmunks

No matter how cute they may be, chipmunks can cause serious damage when they run amok in your yard and garden. They can build extensive burrows under your flower beds and grass, potentially damaging structure and walkways. They’ll eat your plants, steal your vegetables, and even dig up plants to get at the bulbs — … Read more

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bed Bugs? Silica Gel is Better.

diatomaceous earth and killing bed bugs

When you’re struggling with bed bugs, you’re willing to try just about anything to get rid of them. If you’ve searched for home remedies to kill bed bugs yourself, you’ve probably been pointed toward diatomaceous earth, a popular natural remedy for treating all types of pests. Most people recommending it have never tested it with … Read more