5 Incredible Capabilities of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs, family Pentatomidae, are a large group of insects in the order Hemiptera distinguished by their piercing mouthparts and a large plate between the wings called a scutellum. There … Read more

5 Biggest Insects in the World

Goliath Beetle The Goliath beetle (genus Goliathus) is a titan of a beetle, with adults being amongst the largest of insects at 4.5 inches long and nearly 2 ounces. It is … Read more

5 Reasons Insects Are Important

Dagger fly pollinating

Insects are an integral part of the ecosystem. Yet, many people are ignorant of how important they are. Perhaps because of their association with evil, ill-health, and dark mentions in … Read more

Do Insects Disperse Seeds?

Harvester Ant

Insects such as bees thrive off of jumping from one plant to another to extract nutrients. It would only make sense that these insects drop those seeds somewhere, right? Insects … Read more

Do Insects Bleed?

When we think about different living beings as they experience injury, we often think about bleeding as well. But are insects capable of bleeding too? Insects do bleed. Much like … Read more

Do Insects Have Brains?

Macro of ladybug head

For humans, our brains hold massive amounts of information. The same is true for animals of all sizes in all different climates. However, is the same true for insects?  Insects … Read more

Do Insects Drink Water?

cyper spider insecticide

As humans, we are familiar with the process of drinking water to hydrate. Water is one of the most necessary natural resources for the majority of living beings, but is … Read more

Do Insects Have Hearts?

Bird spikes for bird deterrent

A significant difference between insects and humans lies in their circulatory systems. Unlike humans, insects do not have lungs. But do they have a heart? Insects do have hearts. For … Read more

Do Insects Need Sunlight?

honey bee under sun rays

Insects of different weights and sizes vary in metabolic and heat production rates. These factors contribute to determining which insect species rely more heavily upon sunlight as a heat source.  … Read more