Do Cedar Products Work To Deter Moths?

If you have noticed a lot of moths coming near your home or inside, it can be annoying. You may have tried everything to get rid of them. But you may want to try cedar products.

Cedar products work to deter moths because they contain oil in the cedarwood. The oil in varieties such as Cedrus atlantica has a distinct smell that can keep moths away. Cedarwood oils can also work well to deter moths by having the same effect.

Whether you find moths in near lights or near your clothes, you probably want to get rid of them. Luckily, the right cedar products can help. Read on to learn more.

How Cedar Deters Moths

Most varieties of cedar, such as Cedrus atlantica, contain cedar oil. The smell of the oil can keep moths away from your clothes, so you can use a cedar hanger. Cedar can also keep moths away from other parts of your home.

Unfortunately, the cedar oil smell doesn’t last for a long time. Once the smell goes away, so will the moth deterrent effects. So you may find moths will return to your clothes or wherever they were in your home.

Still, using cedar can be a good short-term solution. You can buy new hangers regularly or when you buy a new wool sweater so that you have something to protect the garment. But you will need to replace the hanger with another option.

Cedar hangers
Cedar rings -Irina

Using Cedarwood Oil

If you want a solution that will last longer, a good cedar product to try is cedarwood oil. This oil comes from sawdust, and the dust comes from cedar scented trees that have a similar smell to the smell of a true cedar tree.

You can use the sawdust to deter moths from your clothes or other items in your house. Consider sprinkling the sawdust in your closet around the clothes that you want to protect. You can also look for a similarly scented candle or spray to also help keep the moths away.

Cedar products like oils can be very effective, and they can last longer than true cedarwood. They’re also a renewable resource, so you can save the environment as well.

What About Mothballs?

When comparing cedar products to mothballs, mothballs can work to deter moths. However, they aren’t as safe as cedar or cedar products. The reason why they get rid of moths is that they are a pesticide.

Mothballs can harm moths that get into your clothes, but the balls can also harm you or your pets. They’re especially risky if the mothball has a higher concentration of pesticides.

But when cedar and cedarwood oil pose next to no risk to humans, wood and oil are better options for you. You can still deter moths, but you won’t have to risk your health or that of your family and pets.

Final Thoughts

Cedar products can be excellent moth deterrents. You can use cedar hangers or cedarwood oil to keep moths away from your clothes and other possessions. While you can use mothballs, cedar and cedarwood oil is safer for you and just as effective.