Why Are Ants Attracted to Coffee Makers?

Ants are attracted to warm, dark spaces, and during the summer especially, they can often be found in the kitchen. Finding ants in your appliances is not unusual and can lead to damage within the electrical boards. But what attracts them to coffee makers in particular?

Ants are attracted to coffee makers because they provide a large, warm, hidden space in which they can live. Being near a water tank and any coffee residue will further attract ants and give them food daily. To avoid ant problems, be sure to keep the machine clean, including the drip trays and pipes.

This article will discuss the reasons ants are attracted to coffee makes and what you can do to get rid of them. 

Why Ants Are Attracted to Coffee Makers

Ants will seek out food, heat, and secure places to live. If you have any cracks in your walls or leave windows open without screens, it is possible to find ants making their way inside. Ants are usually attracted to food, and during the summer, this is heightened with the additional heat that causes leftovers to rot faster. 

Once the ants have found the kitchen area, they will seek a warm location to live, often within appliances and electrical outlets. With coffee makers specifically, there are a few factors that will attract ants. These include:

  • The warmth from the coffee pot
  • Residual food from spills and coffee grounds that may not have been cleaned properly
  • Sitting water if it is not refreshed every day

For the coffee machines that use pods, ants are an even bigger problem. With this kind of device, there is typically a water tank at the back. This water is not all used when making one cup and will often sit for a few days before it is topped up. This kind of stagnant water will attract a variety of insects, especially in the warmer months. 

Additionally, these machines tend to have drip trays that can become full over time. This, along with the pod holder that houses the prog, can dry up into a sticky residue that is very attractive to bugs. 

Coffe machine
“New coffee machine!” by Pedro Lozano is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How To Remove Ants From Your Coffee Maker

To remove any ants from your coffee maker, follow these simple steps:

  1. Always double-check that it is powered down and unplugged from the wall outlet. 
  2. Set bait traps near the appliance so that ants will bring the bait back into the unit to hopefully kill any other ants that might be inside. 
  3. Move the machine outside and thoroughly clean the area to prevent any trails from being left behind.
  4. Disassemble the appliance to the best of your ability and wash each external component with hot, soapy water.
  5. Do not use water inside the machine where wires and electronics are present. 
  6. Fill the water reservoir with water and vinegar and allow it to soak.
  7. Use a can of dust removing compressed air to clean any residual ants or dust that may be inside the appliance.
  8. Once reassembled, run the unit with a vinegar and water solution a few times to clean the pipes.

Depending on the size of the infestation, you may need to add some ant-killing dust inside the machine. This should be a very light dusting that needs to be left for a few days and then cleaned away with compressed air.  

Final Thoughts

Ants are attracted to the kitchen and its appliances because it is the warmest, most food-ready place in the house. In the case of coffee makers, there is sitting water and coffee sediment that will attract pests more so than other appliances. 

You can get rid of ants by laying traps and cleaning the unit thoroughly. To avoid any issues in the future, be sure to seal any cracks in the walls, don’t leave food out, and clean your coffee maker regularly.