Top 5 Bed Bug Heaters in 2023

Picture this.

You arrive home from a long day’s work and have been itching to get extra sleep before the start of another grind. 

You want to hit the sack, but you know those tiny blood-sucking bed bugs have been waiting for you all day. 

So instead of peacefully enjoying your sleep, you spend your night restless.

If that sounds like you, then keep on reading. 

In this post, we’ll go over some of the best bed bug heaters in the market to help you get rid of these pests once and for all.

Let’s dive in! This is our top for 2023.

1. Zappbug Heater – Best For Small Objects



✅Lightweight and portable

✅Able to eliminate bed bugs completely— even those that are well hidden

✅Spacious and can fit lots of objects

✅Comes with a timer and digital thermometer

✅Side vents which balance out the temperature inside to avoid overheating

✅Quiet ventilation



🚫 Not recommended for treating larger areas

🚫Needs constant supervision due to the absence of a thermostat

🚫When heavy objects are stored inside, obtaining maximum temperature may take up to three hours

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 23 x 23 in
  • Max Heat: 120F to 145F
  • Preheat Time: 45 minutes

What I Like

Light and portable

The product is foldable, making it easy to set up and put away. It can also be transported anywhere, anytime.

Non-toxic killing action

It’s safe for use indoors and does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals. The only thing used is heat.

Manually controlled temperature

The package comes with a thermometer, giving you the freedom to adjust the temperature settings needed to kill any infestation thoroughly.

Instantly kills bedbugs

Once it reaches temperatures of 120F, bed bugs die instantly. This is even more effective if the storage compartment is not full but each item has sufficient space to breath. 

Easily Treat Small Object 

This is a great heater if you need to treat smaller items. You can easily eliminate bed bugs from household items in the comfort of your home. 

What I Dislike

Long Preheat Time

Depending on the conditions of the room and how many objects you have inside it can take three hours to reach the maximum temperature. 

If you are looking for a quick fix to your bed bugs this is not the solution. 

Limited stored object

The storage size is relatively small, so treatment is usually done in batches rather than it being finished immediately.

This is risky and can result in a bed bugs latching onto treated items before they get killed. 

Delicate power button

The product works fine; however, the power button is a bit delicate. This is a downside because if the power button breaks the device becomes unusable. 

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2. ZappBug Oven 2 XL – Best Medium sized Heater e



✅Instantly kills bed bugs

✅Includes a thermometer and timer with an automated halt system

✅Large storage design

✅Non-toxic killing 

✅Includes two thermal units


🚫Loud electrical hums

🚫Needs to be constantly observed

🚫Not energy efficient

🚫Requires multiple outlet usage

🚫May give off a strong odor

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 39.5 x 39.5 x 28 inches
  • Max Heat: 120°F to 155°F
  • Preheat Time: 45 minutes

What I Like

Convenient and easy to operate

The product can easily be folded for storage or transportation purposes.

Its also easy to start, simply fold it together, place your items inside, and press the power button. 

Takes on large tasks

This version of ZappBug can treat large objects and carry more significant items for heavy-duty action.

This ideal for medium-sized infestations. It will allow you to heat up larger items or smaller items that the smaller versions of this product. 

Two Thermal Units 

The two thermal units make sure that the heat in the unit is evenly distributed. 

This is important because when heating larger items, pockets of cool air can form allowing some bed bugs to survive. 

The two thermal units eliminate the chances of that happening and ensure the entire container reaches the necessary temperature. 

What I Dislike


Granted its size, the 1,500 Watt bed bug killer consumes a lot of power. It may be useful, but it can also be painful for your electricity bill.

Not only is it 1,500 Watts of power but depending on how many items you have inside you might have to leave it for 6-7 hours.  


The product gives off this loud electrical hum that is painful and irritating to the ears. 

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3. ZappBug Room Bed Bug Heater – Best For Treating Entire Rooms




✅No Chemicals 

✅Can treat the entire room and large furniture.

✅The product includes an automated timer and thermometer

✅Utilizes four thermal sources


🚫Requires two outlets

🚫High consummation of energy

🚫Needs to be regularly checked

🚫Requires a large room for it to be set up

🚫Not a job for a single person

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 111 x 57.5 x 80 inches
  • Max Heat: 120°F to 155°F
  • Preheat Time: 1 – 2 hours 

What I Like

Designed for easy transport

This chamber is perfect for commercial and residential use. It can be easily transferred to various rooms due to its foldable feature. 

Large Treatment Space

This heater allows you to treat entire rooms or large furniture with ease. This is important because heat treatments are expensive.

Inexpensive Alternative To Professional Heater 

Full room or house heat applications by professionals are expensive. Going with this heater can cut the cost of treating your house by more than half the original price. 

What I Dislike

Energy Consumption 

This device uses four heaters and needs massive power to do its job. You can expect to see an increase in the price of your electricity bill. 


Although you get a good value for the price it still is expensive. You will need to spend around $1,000 to have your bed bugs treated. 

For some people, it might make more fiscal sense to purchase smaller heaters for a fraction of the price and treat larger objects with steam

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4. Bio Green PAL 2.0/USDT Palma Greenhouse Heater
– Best Portable Heater



✅Easy to use

✅The product is adjustable and efficient


✅Can be used in emergency scenarios


🚫 Large 


🚫Most likely requires more than one

🚫 Requires planning for proper execution

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 111 x 57.5 x 80 inches
  • Max Heat: 120°F to 155°F
  • Preheat Time: 1 – 2 hours 

What I Like

Dispersion coverage

The heat can easily cover an area of up to 120 sq. ft. due to its powerful air circulation. 

Versatile use

This product can also be used in garages and basements to kill all pests.


This is a great value for the cost. For less than $200 you can get a heater than can cover 120 sq. ft. Although it may get expensive if you are looking to use multiple heaters. 

What I Dislike

Variation on Temperature

Temperature readings may vary depending on the heating device and cheaper thermostat models.

Learning Curve 

Learning how to place this heater for maximum efficiency is time-consuming. For the best results, you will need to strategically place your heater. 

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5. Prevsol Bed Bug Heater System – Best Industrial Strength Heating System






✅Exterminate bed bugs in hard-to-reach areas

✅The treatment lasts six to eight hours


✅Easy movement



🚫Consumes a lot of electricity

🚫No return policy

🚫Does not fold up neatly

🚫Complicated plugging system for beginners

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 111 x 57.5 x 80 inches
  • Max Heat: 120°F to 155°F
  • Preheat Time: 1 – 2 hours 

What I Like

Efficient and time-saving

This product is perfect for you if you want a hands-off approach to killing bed bugs.

All you have to do is turn it on and wait until the treatment is done. The unit will kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs including the eggs.


Three-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor.

Made with premium-grade and state of the art heating materials.

The unit works quicker than many other heat treatments of its size by killing bed bugs for six to eight hours.

Treat Large Areas 

With this device, you will be able to treat large areas with ease. 

The power and ventilation 

What I Dislike

Price not practical 

If you do not intend to use this product in an entire building, hiring a professional bed bug exterminator may be a less expensive approach.

This is also not practical if you only intend on using it once. Ideal for small businesses or for those who own multiple properties. 

The product also consumes a lot of electricity.

The thermometer is not Remote

It’s a bit difficult to remotely control the temperature.

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Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task and using heat is one of the most effective ways to do so. 

Only recently did heat treatments become possible to do at home without professional help. 

If you are looking to get rid of bed bugs quickly and efficiently using heat, here are the top 5-bed bug heaters for your home. 

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