The Best Bed Bug Sprays In 2023

Undeniably the stuff of nightmares, the common bed bug is sinisterly tiny, difficult to identify, and often hidden in plain sight. 

These notorious bloodsucking pests easily migrate to every part of your house, serving instant trauma with every swollen, itchy bite.

Before you unknowingly become the main entree on the bed bug buffet, here are the best bed bug sprays you can use to eradicate the infestation.

1. Bedlam Insecticide Aerosol



✅ Kills bed bugs and their eggs

✅Ready-to-use aerosol

✅Crack and crevice straw included for detailed applications

✅Contains an insecticidal synergist to combat resistant bed bugs

✅Residual action for several weeks

✅Has low odor

✅Kills on contact

✅Non-irritating to animals and humans


🚫Requires precautionary measures when using this product


🚫Not environmental friendly

🚫Can be pricey for use in multiple rooms

🚫Only suitable for indoor use

🚫One needs to wait for the spray to dry

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: 3-phenoxybenzyl-(1RS, 3SR)2, 2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate – 0-40%; N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide – 1.53%; Other Ingredients – 98.07%
  • How Fast Does It Work: Kills on contact plus residual
  • How Long Does It Last: Up to 2 weeks
  • Where can you apply: Best used in the toughest hiding places including headboards, box springs and mattresses as well as in carpet, wood and ceramic surfaces.

How Does It Work

This is a simple aerosol spray that uses an insecticide combination combined with a synergist to make this product highly effective.

This spray should be applied directly to bed bug hiding spaces to effectively treat bed bugs.

What I Like


This product is known to be highly effective against both adults and larva. It uses a highly effective combination of insecticides and synergists to attack bed bugs. 

This powerful combination is designed to be effective against resistant bed bug populations. 

Easy To Use 

This spray is easy to use. It comes in a ready to spray aerosol can so you can begin right out of the box. 

It also comes with an easy to use straw, to attack the major crevices and hiding spots of bed bugs. 

This is a great spray that allows you to treat bed bugs quickly. 

Safe to Apply 

One of the greatest features about Bedlamb is that you can apply it directly to the areas where bed bugs hide. 

This includes kye areas that come in direct contact with humans and pets such as bed frames, mattresses, and box springs. 

This spray will allow you to treat your house safely without interrupting your life. There will be no need to vacate or evacuate your home while the treatment works.

What I Dislike

Spray must Dry

One important thing about using this spray is that you must be sure it is fully dry before you come into contact with it.
If the spray is not dry it can be dangerous and cause reactions to the chemical.


This is an expensive product if you need extensive treatments. Since it is an aerosol spray, one bottle is used very quickly.

This means you might need to buy several cans to treat your home which can get rather expensive.

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2. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer



✅ Proven through USDA IR4 PHP Program

✅Kills even resistant bed bugs

✅Extended dry residual protection

✅Non-toxic, all-natural

✅Child and pet-friendly


🚫 Very strong odor


🚫Entails a single-spraying option

🚫Requires regular spraying to eradicate the bugs completely

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Natural Geraniol Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and other generally recognized as safe (GRAS) inert ingredients.
  • How Fast Does It Work: Eliminates fast through direct contact
  • How Long Does It Last: EcoRaider has a two-week dry residual

How Does It Work

EcoRaider is a full line of natural and non-toxic insect spray. It’s scientifically proven with numerous studies. 

Its proven effective against both bed bugs and cockroaches. 

It boasts as a green and sustainable alternative solution with low risk but striking effectiveness.

What I Like


Since it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, it’s completely safe to use around pets and children. 

Good for the skin

You don’t need to worry if you happen to be sprayed on or have direct contact with the product because it will not irritate your skin.


You can just freely spray anywhere in your house even on your mattress or couches directly because it leaves no stain.


It’s recommended by the USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticide Program for public housing.


This product kills adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs fast on contact with 100% efficacy, even kills resistant bed bugs. It is also the only natural product that achieved 100% mortality of bed bugs. 

Extended residual protection

More than eliminating bed bugs fast and thoroughly on contact, EcoRaider also provides extended dry residual protection for two weeks after treatment. 

What I Dislike

Strong smell

I had to leave my house for a few hours after spraying Ecoraider and wait until the spray dries.


It is a bit costly as compared to most bed bug killers in the market.

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3. FenvaStar Ecocap



✅ Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes


✅Works on various types of bed bugs

✅Microencapsulation technique

✅Long-lasting residue effect

✅Easy to use



🚫 Not a ready-to-use product

🚫Can be toxic if not properly used

🚫Takes time to kill bugs and other pests

🚫Requires multiple application for the desired effect

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Esfenvalerate (3.5%), other ingredients (96.5%)
  • How Fast Does It Work: 2-3 hours 
  • How Long Does It Last: 3-4 weeks

How Does It Work

FenvaStar EcoCap is a liquid insecticide concentrate with the active ingredient Esfenvalerate.

Esfenvalerate is a synthetic pyrethroid created to mimic the chemical properties of naturally occurring insecticides.

It uses a microencapsulation method to extend the residual effect of the insecticide.

This is done by surrounding the particles with a protective layer which tends to break once it hits the body of a pest.

The chemical particles will remain active on the ground for much longer than otherwise.
When insects walk over the insecticide they will pick up and consume the insecticide on their legs and body.

The esfenvalerate then attacks the central nervous system of the insects, paralyzing and killing them.

What I Like

Good product record

It has a proven track record which makes it a great choice especially if you have a stink bug infestation.

Easy to use

You can use it and mix it with other products easily due to the container’s design. The application methods are also simple since you only have to obtain a sprayer pump.

Safe around food

It can be used in areas where food is present, like kitchens and restaurants.

What I Dislike


This is a concentrate that requires mixing before application. This means you will need additional equipment and safety materials.

Delayed results

You won’t see immediate results after applying. You need to be more patient in order to see its best results.

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4. Harris Bed Bug Killer



✅ Kills larva and bed bugs on contact

✅ Non-toxic ingredients

✅ Safe for use around people and pets

✅ No stains or traces after spray


🚫 Bulky product design

🚫May leave a chemical scent in treated areas

🚫Resistance can develop

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin: 0.3%
  • How fast does it work: Kills on contact
  • How long does it last: Product’s effects can last up to four months

How Does It Work

The Harris Bed Bug Killer’s active ingredient, called Deltamethrin, kills pests as soon as they come into contact with the product’s solution.

It has neurotoxic capabilities that target and disrupt the insect’s nervous system.

Upon contact, the ants get paralyzed and slowly die.

What I Like


The great thing about this bug spray is that it is easy to find and it is inexpensive. You can purchase a large 1-gallon container for a reasonable price. 

This is a great product that will be able to provide many treatments for your home. 

Non-staining formula

You can be sure that after applying this formula there will be no stains or residue left over. 

This is time-saving because you won’t have to return to the treated areas to clean up any residue. 

Safe to use around people and pets

One of the greatest things about these products is that you can apply it to sensitive areas such as mattresses, bed frames, couches, and carpet. 

This product is safe to be used in places that come in direct contact with humans and pets. 

Ready To Use

This product is ready to use. Unlike other concentrates that require mixing and separate sprayers, this product comes with a ready to spray nozzle.

What I Dislike


One of the biggest disadvantages of this product is the active ingredient.

The active ingredient used is a common chemical used to treat bed bugs and unfortunately, bed bugs tend to develop resistance. 


The overall scent of this product is one of the downsides. After initial treatment, the smalls can be quite apparent. 

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5.Transport GHP Insecticide



✅ Works on multiple pests

✅Fast killing action

✅Non-repellent chemical formulation

✅Can easily be stored


🚫 Costly

🚫Constant exposure to the product may cause acute health problems

🚫Can develop resistance 

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Acetamiprid 22.73%, Bifenthrin 27.27%
  • How fast does it work: Within 30 minutes of application up to 24 hours of killing action
  • How long does it last: 3 months

How Does It Work

The Transport GHP insecticide is a multi-purpose pest exterminator that’s a  mixture of Bifenthrin and Acetamiprid.

These active ingredients aim for the insect’s nerve synapse.

Perfect for residential areas, a small mixture can cover multiple sites, which is an excellent product for its price.

What I Like

Versatile insecticide

Transport GHP is one of the known versatile insecticides in the market that can kill any insect. It showcases impressive results and can inflict high pest mortality. 

Long shelf life

This insecticide can last up to five years when unused and stored correctly away from the sunlight. However, once opened, the product must be consumed within 24 hours. 

Large area coverage 

Since it comes in a water-soluble package, you’ll only need 0.3oz of powder to cover 1,000 sq. ft.

Proven and tested

Professionals swear by the product’s killing action. It works on all types of surfaces and can eradicate a whole nesting colony in just one application. 

What I Dislike

Can leave residue 

Once dried, the wettable solution may leave a powdery residue that can be seen on dark surfaces. 

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6. Temprid SC Killer



✅ Exterminates broad spectrum of insects

✅Can be used indoors and outdoors

✅Insecticide can penetrate through surface and subsurface level

✅Better killing property than non-repellents



🚫Contains harmful chemicals

🚫Requires you to leave your home when applied

🚫Slow killing rate

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 21%, Beta-Cyfluthrin 10.5%
  • How fast does it work: kills on contact
  • How long does it last: Temprid SC will stay active for until 90 days when used indoors, and 30 days for outdoor use

How Does It Work

The Temprid SC Killer damages different parts of an insect’s body.

The Imidacloprid and Beta-Cyfluthrin is a poison that works best for social insects such as cockroaches or ants.

Once ingested, the poison hangs out in their systems until they return to their colony/nesting sites.

This will infect the other insects until all of them are gone. 

What I Like

Able to kill extensive insect species

This insecticide can kill over 50 types of pests and larvae without fail. This insecticide can kill over 50 types of pests and larvae without fail. It is a professional-grade product that doesn’t affect plant growth.

Comes in two variants

Temprid SC is a ready-to-use product that comes as a spray or as a concentrated liquid that needs diluting. However, the concentrated formula is better suited for exterminating severe pest infestation.

Non-staining insecticide

The insecticide does not have any detectable odor and does not leave any stains when used. 


What I Dislike

Extremely toxic to aquatic organisms

It’s deadly for wildlife, fish, and other aquatic organisms. That’s why you’re not allowed to use it near sources of water. 

Doesn’t come in smaller sizes

The insecticide comes in a 400ml bottle for a 50-gallon use, which is way more than what small households need. It would be better if Temprid SC can be distributed in smaller sizes.

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7. SteriFab



✅ EPA registered three-in-one (virucide, disinfectant, and insecticide) product


✅Fast drying and non-staining formula

✅Safe to use

✅Does not damage synthetic fabrics or carpets


🚫 Does not have any residual effects

🚫 Evaporates fast

🚫 For indoor use only

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients:1-Decanaminium, N-decyl-N,N-dimethyl-chloride 0.11%, Isopropyl alcohol 60.39% and Phenothrin 0.22%
  • How fast does it work: kills on contact
  • How long does it last: 2-3 hours after application 

How Does It Work

This is an easy to use spray that uses a combination of insecticide to attack bed bugs. 

The insecticide attacks the nervous system of bed bugs but only has a temporary instant effect that lasts 2-3 hours. 

What I Like

Dries easily without leaving any powder residual 

The product once applied, dries easily within a 15-minute time frame. It leaves no residue and can easily kill insects on contact.

Multi-purpose use not limited to killing pests

The SteriFab also fights odor-causing organisms that build-up in mattresses and carpets. 

 Long shelf life

When it is not in use, the product can last up to two years if correctly stored in a dry, cool area.

What I Dislike

Can only kill pests while it is wet

The SteriFab has high alcohol content causing it to dry up more easily than most store-bought insecticides. It can only kill pests while wet and won’t work once it dries up. 

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8. BASF PT 221L Pressurized Insecticide



✅ Ready-to-use

✅Ensures pest knockdown

✅Leaves a long term residual

✅Perfect for residential and commercial areas

✅Non-staining and non-greasy formula


🚫 Nozzle may clog

🚫Highly flammable


🚫Toxic to humans and animals

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Lambda Cyhalothrin 0.05%
  • How fast does it work: kills on contact

How Does It Work

The BASF Pressurized Insecticide is an aerosol spray ideal for exterminating bugs that love to hide in hard to reach places.

The formula includes Lambda-Cyhalothrin, an active ingredient that paralyzes the insect’s nervous system by causing excitement to its nerve cells.

Additionally, the product residue is transferable, which can guarantee you that all the other insects it has come across with will die.   

What I Like

Easy-to-use aerosol system

The aerosol insecticide is easy to use and can kill a wide range of insects. It is a good bargain considering its active exterminating properties. 

Effective non-greasy, non-staining insecticide 

You’ll only need one product application to kill a room filled with spiders and cockroaches. It also doesn’t produce any odor, is non-greasy, and does not leave any stains, making it ideal to use in small spaces. 

What I Dislike

Faulty product container

The dispenser that comes with the product doesn’t work. When tweaked in an attempt to use it, the chemicals inside sprayed all over the place and was a waste of money.

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9. Cimexa Insecticide Dust



✅ Effective to a broad spectrum of insect pests

✅Contains powerful components

✅Non-repellent, odorless and non-clumping



✅Long-lasting control

✅Non-staining formula

✅Remains viable for up to 10 years

✅Noticeable results in the first days of use.


🚫 Issues on applicator nozzle

🚫Not fabric-friendly

🚫Triggers allergies

🚫Expensive compared to other products

🚫Must be kept away from children and food

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Silicon dioxide 92.1%, other ingredients (7.9%)
  • How Fast Does It Work: 24 to 34 hours
  • How Long Does It Last: Its effects are claimed to last up to 10 years, if left undisturbed.

How Does It Work

The CimeXa Dust works well as a powder or mixed with water on mattresses, in voids, cracks, crevices, carpets, pet rest areas, and other areas.

It’s also effective against insect pests because it destroys the waxy skeletal cuticle of the insect which will quickly dehydrate them, causing their deaths.

What I Like


This is a dust treatment that has multiple uses and is effective against multiple 

This works against fleas, ticks, lice roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders, mites, and dry wood termites. 


Made for tough indoor spiders, including the brown recluse, yellow sac, and hobo.


This treats cracks, crevices, voids, mattresses, carpets, pet rest areas, attics, and many other areas.

Kills faster

CimeXa kills bed bugs faster than other products. The product effects manifest in just 24-34 hours after contact.


If the dust remains undisturbed after application, this product’s residual effect may last until 10 years.

What I Dislike


If it sticks to your hands, it may cause dryness and irritation in your eyes.


It is available at a higher price than some competitors. It will also cost you a fortune if you need to treat more than one room.


You must take extra precautions in using this. If unattended, it can be dangerous especially for children or people with compromised immunity.

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Bed bugs are a hassle to deal with. Choosing the wrong bed bug spray can be disheartening and only make your bedbug infestation stronger than before. 

Use this list to choose the best bed bug spray that fits your needs. 

This will help you eliminate some of the confusion when choosing your bed bug spray. 

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