Best Mole Poison In 2023

Moles are terrible. You can spend all the time in the world caring for your lawn and garden and they will destroy it with no regard. 

Their tunnels and mounds will appear all over your yard and nothing is more frustrating. 

They mess up your lawn.  They dig through plant roots as they go through their tunnels.

There are a lot of methods to control moles, from poisoning to exhaust fumes. However, the options can be overwhelming.

In this post, I will go over the 5 best mole poisons to make your life a bit easier. 

Let’s dive in. 

1. Tomcat Mole Killer


✅Attractive to moles because it looks like preferred food.

✅Easy and ready to use

✅Kills mole after consumption

✅Works on most species of moles

✅Conveniently packed in individual portions


🚫Moles sometime avoid the worms

🚫Not safe for pets and children

🚫It is restricted in Hawaii and North Carolina

🚫The bait melts in the heat

🚫Does not work on star-nosed moles

🚫Takes several days to take effect

🚫Difficult to place on the ground

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin 0.025%
  • How fast does it work: Kills within 24 hours
  • How long does it last: 10 – 14 days – slowly degrades into the soil 
  • Amount/Quantity: 10 worm

How Does It Work

The Tomcat Mole Killer disrupts the mole’s digestive system. It prevents moles from converting food to energy, and they eventually die from exhaustion. 

The moles will eventually die and decompose in their tunnels. This makes the cleanup job easy and straightforward.

It’s also simple to apply. Once you identify the mole tunnels, you need to make a small hole above the tunnel and push the bait inside. 

To maximize effectiveness, you need to ensure that the tunnels are active or the moles will not eat the bait. 

What I Like


The Tomcat moles killer uses a highly effective active ingredient, bromethalin. Bromethalin is highly effective, and subtly kills moles by preventing them from producing energy. 

Its bait begins working very quickly by killing the moles between 24 and 48 hours after consumption. It also lasts for around 10-14 days if it’s not exposed to high temperatures. 

Highly Attractive 

Moles naturally eat earthworms, and this trap takes advantage of that. It’s scientifically designed and tested to mimic and attract moles like their natural food. 

This design and concept of this mole bait make it very effective and easy to use. 

Ready To Use Packaging 

The great thing about this mole bait is that it’s conveniently packed and easy to use. It’s packed in individual portions, so you don’t waste any of your bait. 

What I Dislike

Not Immediate 

The one downside with this formula is that its not an instant kill. After they eat it it takes between 24 and 48 hours. It can take longer depending on how long it takes the mole to come in contact with the bait. 

Limited availability

The Tomcat mole killer is restricted in places like Hawaii, North Carolina, and New York. Before you buy the mole killer, it is better to check if it’s legal within your state.

Does not work on all species

The mole killer doesn’t work on all mole species. It’s not as effective on star-nosed moles found mostly in North Carolina.

Bait not heat resistant

The bait has to be carefully stored, as they tend to melt in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. If the holes where baits are placed is not covered with soil, the bait will be exposed to the sun and melt. When the bait melts – it becomes less attractive to moles, and they will not eat it. 

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2. Talpirid Mole Worms


✅One box of bait can cover a vast area

✅Highly efficient

✅Kills moles within 24 hours after consumption

✅Suitable for use on any type of soil

✅Contains flavor enhancers to attract moles

✅Scientifically tested formula


🚫The bait does not work on gophers

🚫Quite pricey

🚫Packaging not good

🚫Some moles are not attracted to the bait

🚫Toxic for pets and children

🚫Needs to be stored according to instructions

🚫Does not prevent new moles

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin 0.02%
  • How fast does it work: Kills Moles in 24 hours
  • How long does it last: 14 days – will degrade naturally into the soil
  • Amount/Quantity: 20 worms

How Does It Work

The Talprid mole killer consists of “Bromethalin” as the active ingredient. One bait has a lethal dose capable of killinga a mole within 24 hours.

Remember to use gloves while handling the bait. You should be careful not to contaminate the bait with your scent. 

Human scent or other substances can drive the moles away from the bait.

The bait’s toxic ingredient creates an acute or chronic syndrome, leading to the moles’ death.

What I Like

Natural-looking bait

The Talprid mole killer is designed to look and feel like natural worms that help attract moles to the bait.

Ready to use

Talprid mole killer comes in a tray of 10 worm-shaped baits. The trays are sealed to preserve the freshness of the bait.

The baits are ready to use. All you have to do is just open the tray and take out the bait.

Effective results

The product usually takes effect within 24 hours. 

You can see a considerable reduction in moles within a week.

The formula is laboratory tested on many moles. It’s designed to produce significant results that work with most moles.

What I Dislike

Baits melt

The baits are sensitive to heat and light. When not appropriately stored and exposed to heat, the baits tend to melt. The baits could melt inside the tray. When they do, they get stuck and get quite messy to handle.


The Talprid mole killer doesn’t come cheap, compared to other brands. If you have many moles to eliminate in your lawn, one tray might not be enough.

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3. The Giant Destroyer – Gas Smoke Bomb


✅Suitable to get rid of a variety of burrowing pests

✅Comes in a pack of four

✅Can be quickly put out with water

✅It works even on Gophers

✅Perfect for large infestations

✅Quick results

✅Easy to use


🚫Can be used only for outdoors

🚫Does not hit moles found in deep tunnels

🚫Very pungent smell

🚫Needs to be handled with caution

🚫Requires multiple application

🚫Does not prevent moles from coming back

🚫Not suitable for winters

🚫Not safe for children and pets

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: 
    • Carbon 9%
    • Sodium nitrate 50%
    • Sulfur 38%


  • How fast does it work: Quickly kills moles
  • How long does it last: No residual effect – once smoke dissipates the effect is gone
  • Amount/Quantity: 12 pack (48 sticks)

How Does It Work

The Giant Destroyer is a “smoke bomb,” you set it off inside the tunnel and seal the entrance to allow for the smoke to travel through the mole tunnels. 

The gas will fill the mole tunnels, and the combination of sodium nitrate, sulfur, and carbon will suffocate the moles. 

What I Like

Fast and effective

The Giant Destroyer is fast and effective. 

The gas quickly kills and suffocates moles, so you don’t have to wait for the animal to eat bait or walk into a trap. It allows you to target the mole’s tunnels all at once, even the ones you can’t see. 


The first eco-friendly part about this bomb is that the bomb itself is biodegradable. With time it will decompose into the soil. 

Also, since it leaves no residual effect, you do need to worry about any harmful chemicals in the soil or air after you use it. 

Works on multiple pests 

This bomb does not only work on moles. It will suffocate any other rodents that the gas covers. If you have multiple rodents such as gophers or voles, you can use this same smoke bomb in their tunnels as well. 

What I Dislike

Doesn’t prevent re-entry

The Giant Destroyer smoke bomb only kills the animals present in the tunnel. It doesn’t prevent any new moles from entering the tunnel.

You can’t expect a permanent solution with this method.

Doesn’t work in winter

The Giant Destroyer smoke bomb doesn’t work well during winters. The damp and humid climate can affect the smoke dispersion reducing its effectiveness. 

Multiple usages

Depending upon the soil conditions and the severity of the mole infestation, you might need to use the smoke bombs multiple times.

Certain soil types might allow for smoke to escape, or if you are not targeting the correct tunnels, you might have to apply several times. 

Doesn’t work on deep tunnels

The Giant Destroyer smoke bomb works only when on shallow tunnels. This will allow the smoke to travel through the network of tunnels. If the tunnels go deep into the ground, the smoke will not be able to travel through the entire tunnel to kill the mole.

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4. Bonide 697 mole and gopher killer


✅Works on Moles, Gophers, and Voles

✅One teaspoon is enough to treat a burrow

✅Can kill a mole within hours

✅Can be used both on surface and underground

✅Works effectively even on clay soil

✅Doesn’t harm plants or grass.


🚫Restricted for sale in CA, NH, and NC

🚫Toxic to humans and pets

🚫Moles do not always eat the bait when other food sources are readily available.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Zinc Phosphide – 2.0%
  • How fast does it work: Fast-acting; can kill moles within hours
  • How long does it last: It has a wax coating that makes it waterproof, and it will last a long time in the ground.
  • Amount/Quantity: 8 oz.

How Does It Work

The Bonide 697 contains “Zinc Phosphide and is when applied, it gets absorbed in the soil.

The moles ingest the treated soil when they burrow through it to create their tunnels.

The Zinc Phosphide instantly releases phosphine gas upon being ingested. The moles then die within a short time.

The first step will be to identify active tunnels for treatment. Then smash a hole in the tunnel, apply a teaspoon of the product in the hole, and immediately cover it with a stone or grass.

The idea is that when the moles return to fix their tunnels, they will burrow through the soil and infect themselves with the poison. 

It’s essential to check the tunnels every few days to see if the moles have reconstructed the tunnels. If they are not, then the tunnel might no longer be active, and you should look to bait another tunnel. 

What I Like

Easy and Economical 

This is an easy solution to use and this bait can be used to treat entire yard multiple times over. 

All you have to do is pour a teaspoon of the bait into the soil and let it work its magic. 

The Bonide 697 is a tested and economical solution available. You’ll just need  a teaspoon of the solution to treat an entire tunnel.

It’s also ready-to-use. There is no need to mix before application.

All you have to do is apply the bait and then wait for a couple of days to see the results.

Safe for flowers and Trees

The mole killer does not affect any flowers or plants when absorbed by the soil. The active ingredient will not be absorbed by any plants or trees. This makes it a great bait to protect your gardens and flower beds. 

What I Dislike

Highly toxic

The Bonide 697 is a toxic bait. It has to be used with caution if there are pets and children around. Its best to keep children and pets away from areas where you applied the bait unless its securly buried. 

Also, any dog, cat, predator, or scavengers that eat the moles which have consumed the bait, can get poisoned too.

Doesn’t prevent new moles

The bait doesn’t prevent any new moles from entering the lawn. After five to six weeks, I was able to see new moles that have entered the lawn and created new tunnels.

You may have to repeat treatment.

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5. Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher Penuts


✅It is peanut-flavored to attract the moles


✅User-friendly container

✅Naturally decomposes in the soil

✅Safe to use near plants


🚫Gophers and moles may start getting resistant after some time

🚫Needs to be used multiple times to see results

🚫Not available in PR, NH, NC, and HI regions

🚫Toxic for pets and children

🚫Pellets are too small

🚫The mole killer gets ineffective when in contact with water

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Zinc Phosphide 2.00%
  • How fast does it work: Quickly kills moles
  • How long does it last: The poison peanuts will typically decompose within approximately 2-3 weeks of treatment.
  • Amount/Quantity: 4 pack (4-6 oz. container)

How Does It Work

The Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher mole poison is a formulated peanut pellet that contains Zinc Phosphide 2.0%.

Using the bait is relatively simple and straightforward. All you have to do is first identify the active tunnels and drop in a teaspoon of the pellets.

The moles eating the pellets will get instantly poisoned.

The Zinc Phosphide in the pellets will release a toxic substance called Phosphine within the digestive system of the moles. This will eventually kill them.

What I Like

Convenient pack

The Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher mole poison comes in a pack of four. This is sufficient enough for the treatment of a vast lawn.

Good packaging

The cone tip makes application easy and hassle-free. 

You can easily punch holes in the tunnels and apply the required amount of pellets without using your hands.

Flavored pellets

The Sweeney’s pellets are peanut-flavored. This ensures the moles and gophers are attracted to the bait .

What I Dislike

Inactive when wet

When coming in contact with water, the Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher poison pellets will break and get dissolved.

The bait also gets ineffective when wet with water. So, when applying the bait, you have to make sure that the soil isn’t moist. It’s not useful when it rains.


The bait is made of Zinc Phosphite, a toxic ingredient. You have to apply it with caution, especially if you have pets and children around.

The bait’s toxic ingredient can cause reactions like vomiting and weakness.

Requires multiple application

Though the Sweeney’s Mole and Gopher poison pellets are easy to apply, they aren’t strong enough to produce results in just one application.

You might have to use it multiple times to get the desired results. Remember that new moles and gophers can create new tunnels, and you will have to repeat the process.

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6. Motomco mole killer


✅Natural-looking worm-shaped baits

✅Easy to use

✅Works on most mole species

✅Comes in a convenient storage container

✅One bait is enough to kill one adult mole

✅Reasonably priced

✅Only mole bait that is registered with EPA


🚫It takes time to see results

🚫Need to wear gloves to handle the bait

🚫The bait melts in hot conditions

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Bromethalin 0.025%
  • How fast does it work: Two days.    
  • How long does it last: Designed to naturally degrade, to leave no build-up of the active ingredient in the soil. Under normal conditions, this will happen in approximately 14 days.
  • Amount/Quantity: 12 worm box

How Does It Work

The Motomco Mole Killer Original Worm Formula is designed to look and feel like natural worms, the favorite feed of moles.

The bait contains “Bromethalin,” a toxic ingredient. When the mole swallows the bait, the poison starts doing its work.

Bromethalin stops the conversion of food to energy. With no energy production, the moles get weak, fall into a coma and die.

The moles eventually decompose inside the tunnels.. You need not worry about the disposal of dead moles.

The only thing you need to take care of is identifying active tunnels and placing the bait appropriately.

What I Like

Baits attract moles

The Motomco Mole Killer bait looks like real worms. They are designed to mimic the natural food of the moles.

Moles are fond of worms, and they are naturally attracted to the bait. 

Good packaging

The baits come in easy to use trays. You just have to store it in a cool and dry place and use it when required.

The package also carries explicit instructions as to how to use the bait. You can never go wrong if you follow the instructions carefully.

Effective ingredient

The Motomco Mole Killer bait contains “Bromethalin.” It’s one of the most tested and tried ingredients found to effectively handle moles, gophers, and other rodents.

One bait is enough to kill a large mole. Once swallowed, the toxic ingredient will start working on the mole’s digestive system and can kill the rodent in just a few days.

Reasonably priced

The bait comes in a pack of 12. One bait is sufficient to kill a large mole. One box is enough to treat 50 to 80 feet of lawn or garden.

It’s a cheaper method of handling moles and gophers. You will need many applications to control heavy infestations.


The Motomco Mole Killer bait is safe for the environment. The bait gets easily decomposed and mixed with soil within two weeks.

What I Dislike


The Motomco Mole Killer bait should be stored in a cool and dry place. The baits are sensitive to heat and melt in hot conditions.

Even post application, you have to make sure the bait is covered with a stone or grass and not exposed to sunlight.

Doesn’t work on all rodents

The bait does not work on all mole species. Some moles don’t feed on the bait, no matter what.

The bait also does not prevent new moles from entering the lawn. You can find new furrows very soon, and you will have to repeat the exercise.

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Moles are tricky creatures and need to be dealt with caution. There are many species of rodents, and one method cannot work with all of them.

I have listed out the best possible options in the market. You can test what works best for you.

Don’t get upset when one method doesn’t work. Often, simultaneous applications of more than one product work. So, it depends on the species you are dealing with.

When choosing the right product, consider their effects to pets and children, and be careful to follow the instructions.

I hope this article helps you in selecting the right product suitable for your issue.

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