The 5 Best Mouse glue Traps For Your Home

Winters are the time rodents and other pests start looking for warmer places for shelter.

Any kind of rodent is a nuisance, and mouse infestation is a problem that can get too messy if left unattended. 

They can get into almost anything and can spread diseases and can even damage your property. There are many ways to handle mouse infestation, and mouse glue traps are one such effective control method.

I’ve researched hundreds of products available in the market and shortlisted some of the best ones just for you. 

This article, I’m sure, will help you make an informed decision and get the best one according to your needs.

Lets dive in!

1. JT Eaton Stick-em Rat



✅ It’s safe and non-toxic

✅Convenient to use

✅Perfect for pest activity monitoring and control

✅Weather safe – can be used for both indoors and outdoors

✅Approved by the USDA

✅It traps all kinds of rodents including rats, mice, and even roaches

✅It’s reliable and eco-friendly

✅Comes with a lifetime guarantee


🚫 It is just a pre-bait

🚫The glue does not attract the rodents

🚫The trap cannot be folded

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 10” x 5”
  • Lure: Pre-baited: peanut butter scent
  • Amount/Count: case of six

How Does It Work

The Stick-em Rat traps are four-inch by three-inch glue traps, formulated with a special adhesive to trap mice and other rodents.

These traps can be placed easily with the glue side facing up and they are mess-free. They are completely safe for use, as there are no dangerous toxins used to trap the rodents.

The trap holds the rodents which then can be disposed of safely with the trap.

What I Like

Superior-quality glue

The Eaton Stick-Em Rat trap is formulated with a high-quality glue that is non-flowing and the formula stays moist for a long time. They are completely mess-free and non-toxic and safe to use.

Durable traps

The traps are made of superior quality plastic that is 50 percent thicker and 30 percent heavier. The traps cannot be chewed easily and are quite effective in holding even larger rodents.


The traps have no clay fillers and are reasonably priced. They are manufactured in America and come with a one-year limited warranty.


The Stick-Em trap is made of non-toxic, safe to use adhesive. This can be ideally used in places like hospitals, restaurants, and factories where the use of pesticides and insecticides is forbidden.


The traps are quite flexible and can be easily placed in joints and hard to access areas. The trap works on a variety of pests including cockroaches, flies, scorpions, and other household pests.

What I Dislike

Not Foldable

Traps are not foldable which can leave kids and pets vulnerable. I prefer when there is the option for folding and not folding to accommodate to your different needs. 

Quite smelly

The adhesive has very toxic and can be really unpleasant when used in closed spaces, particularly indoors.

Not effective outdoors

The Stick-Em trap does not perform at low temperatures and is not quite effective when used outdoors.



2. Tomcat Glue Traps Mouse Size With Eugenol


✅ Eugenol oil for enhanced adhesion

✅Safe to use


✅Ideal for indoor use

✅Easy to use

✅Works on a wide variety of household pests

✅Reasonably Priced


🚫Doesn’t kill the rodent

🚫Has an unpleasant smell

🚫Does not work on field mice

🚫The trap is small in size

🚫Not suitable for outdoors

Key Details

  • Dimensions : 3.63 x 10 x 7.88 inches
  • Lure: Peanut butter in the center 
  • Amount / Count: contain six glue traps

How Does It Work

The Tomcat Glue Trap consists of Eugenol, commonly called as clove oil for enhanced stickiness. The trap is ready to use and is completely safe and toxic-free.

It is made in the U.S and each pack consists of six disposable traps.

What I Like

Effective glue

The Tomcat Glue trap adhesive is made of Eugenol which imparts more stickiness and thus makes it super effective against most types of rodents.


The glue trap is free from any pesticide and harmful chemicals. It is completely safe and is ideal for indoors. You don’t have to worry about toxic vapors in the air or chemicals on the trap. 

Extra-large trap

The traps have a large coverage area and can be highly effective even on larger sized rodents.

What I Dislike

Bad odor

The trap glue emanates a bad smell once opened and can be annoying for sensitive nosed individuals and babies.

Unpleasant to handle

The rodents and other pests that get stuck in the glue, eventually have to be disposed of and that can be quite miserable for many.

It is quite impossible to get the pests released without hurting them and that can be an inhumane thing to do for many.



4. Catchmaster 75M Bulk Mouse and Insect Glue Boards


✅ Professional heavy-duty adhesive

✅Non-toxic and safe to use

✅Effects lasts for up to one year

✅Can be easily disposed

✅Convenient to use

✅Trap is flexible and can be folded

✅Reasonably priced


🚫Does not work on large rodents

🚫Glue does not attract the pests

🚫The glue might stick on to pets

🚫Does not work on all weather conditions

🚫Inhumane way of disposing rodents

Key Details

  • Dimensions : 7 x 3.5 x 0.03 inches
  • Lure: Pre-baited by dried fruits or nuts
  • Amount / Count: 75 pack

How Does It Work

The Catchmaster Rat Glue Traps are non-toxic, pesticide-free, and safe to use in home, office, garage, or places with a mouse infestation.

The trap works on a wide variety of rodents and household pests. The rat traps are pre-baited to attract rodents and hence highly effective. The trap can be easily discarded afterward.

What I Like


The Catchmaster Rat Glue Traps are made of professional quality glue that remains effective for long periods at normal temperatures. 

The bait is reasonably priced when compared to most other glue traps in the market.

Flexible traps

The baits are bendable and can be folded and placed conveniently in any corner or small area.

The glue is non-toxic

The bait glue is free from insecticide or pesticide and is completely safe for use even around pets or children.

What I Dislike

Glue doesn’t attract the rodents

The bait glue of the Catchmaster Rat Glue Trap does not have an added fragrance to attract the rodents. You have to add some peanut butter or any other pre-bait additives to attract the pests.

Does not work on large rodents

The glue trap works fine on small pests but fails to have an effect on huge rodents. The rodents can wriggle out of the bait quite easily.

Not weather resistant

The trap does not work in direct sunlight or in extremely cold temperatures. It is not suitable for outdoors and does not work in damp and humid conditions too.

It is inhumane

The rodents caught cannot be released without any damage. Some pests die from slow suffocation eventually leading to death



5. Kat Sense Sticky Rat’N Mouse Glue Traps


✅ Self-contained compact container

✅Effective and safe to use


✅Money-back guarantee

✅Works on damp areas

✅Reusable bait

✅Can be used for both indoors and outdoors

✅Easy release of rodents

✅Designed for painless killing


🚫 Need to be pre-baited

🚫Needs to be monitored regularly

🚫Very pricey

🚫Not flexible

🚫no anchors 

Key Details

  • Dimensions : 4.5 x 2 x 11 inches
  • Lure: Pre-baited with a non-allergic peanut butter
  • Amount / Count: Pack of 2 Extra Large Glue Traps

How Does It Work

The Kat Sense Mouse Glue Trap is designed to kill the rats and mice on their tracks and is much better than the normal glue tracks available in the market.

The bait is placed in a hardy polystyrene container that makes it work efficiently even in damp and humid conditions.

The baits are pre-baited with a peanut butter scent to attract the rodents and pests easily. The trap is a great alternative to conventional pest control like wooden rat traps and electronic rat baits.

What I Like

Effective and weather-resistant

The trap is quite large and is one of the best rat traps available on the market. The bait can withstand and works perfectly in any weather condition.

Potent formula

The bait glue is made of a potent formula to be more effective on most kinds of rodents irrespective of the weather conditions. Even large rodents are caught and eliminated with ease.

Large Coverage Area 

This trap is huge. It is bound to trap any mouse in the area. There is no way to get around it. Even the smartest mice will succumb to this trap. 

What I Dislike

No Protection

Since this is a flat glue board it leaves your pets and children vulnerable to the glue. If they happen to touch it or walk over it they will get stuck. 

In addition since its so large its hard to place under appliances or furniture to keep it out of sight. 



Mouse glue traps are one of the cost-effective ways to help fight rodent infestation. This can be ideal for people who are looking for an eco-friendly way to handle the pests. 

The glue baits are non-toxic alternatives that are completely safe to be used around pets and children. I have listed out the best options available in the market to make things a little easy for you.

However, if you are looking for a humane way for getting rid of your pests, this might not be the right choice for you.

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