The 4 Best Raccoon traps

Raccoons look cute and fluffy, but they are not completely harmless. They can attack with their claws, plus they carry many dangerous diseases. 

The best way to get rid of raccoons without harming them is by using a trap. 

With so many traps on the market, deciding on a trap that works for you is complicated and confusing. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

In this post, I will review the best raccoon traps so you can get rid of raccoons once and for all. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Snare Trap – Versatile Hunting Snares – Best Snares





✅Easy to use


✅Comes in different sizes

✅Nine-gauge HD end swivel

✅Dakota-line Lopro lock


🚫Most snares aren’t reusable

🚫Not suitable for beginners

🚫Some snares aren’t dyed as advertised

🚫Some animals may be able to chew the wires.

🚫May cause serious injuries.

🚫Some animals may knock it down because of its lightweight

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 7.8in x 7in x 1.7in
  • Weight: 1lb
  • Materials: Heavy gauge steel cabling

How Does It Work

This trap works by suspending a loop wire in the air. When an animal passed by the loop, it’s head will enter the loop, and it will get caught on the snare. 

As the animal struggles and tries to escape, the loop will tighten around their neck and prevent them from escaping. 

To set the trap, you may start by cutting the cable depending on your desired length. To secure the cable, you must first check if it has a right or a left curve, which would be your cable’s head. 

After this, you may now install the end stop, or ferrule, at the end of the cable. You can fasten it using a hammer.

When installing many snares simultaneously, you should mark their locations on a map so that you won’t leave anything behind.

Always check your snares at least once a day since the trap may also catch other animals in the process. 

What I Like

Lightweight and Discrete 

Snare traps are discrete and lightweight. This allows you to set multiple snares in a single region easily. Also, since they are discrete, you can place them without having huge cages across your entire property. 

Tension loaded

This provides a quicker closure and prevents the raccoon from backing away. It is a great feature that makes your trap catch more animals in a shorter amount of time.


This is a budget-friendly alternative to other raccoon traps. This allows you to set multiple traps at a fraction of the cost. These also give you a better chance of catching the raccoons because you can have multiple traps set. 

What I Dislike

May be too small for other animals

Despite its strong materials and design, larger animals may still be able to escape from it. They may only end up damaging the trap, rendering it useless.

Rodents Remain Exposed

While this trap is easy and practical, the rodents remain exposed. After you have snared the raccoons, you still need to place them in another cage or trap to relocate them. This is a hassle and makes you deal with the raccoons more than other traps. 

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2. Avahart 1092 Collapsible One-Door Easy Set – Best Single Door Trap


✅Well-known brand

✅Fully assembled

✅Easy to use

✅Spring-loaded door

✅Smooth edges

✅Sensitive trigger plate

✅Metal plate for protection when carrying the trap


✅Large handle guard


🚫Trigger is inconsistent

🚫Not suitable for larger, stronger animals


🚫Tends to rust over time

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 32in x 10in x 12in
  • Weight: 11.86lbs
  • Materials: Galvanized steel, one-piece 12-gauge wire mesh, plastic carrying handle

How Does It Work

This trap has an open door on one end and a trigger plate on the other. Once the trigger is set off, the door trap would immediately close.

To lure your target easier, you should place bait that would appeal to them the most. In this case, fish and marshmallows, since this is what would catch a raccoon’s attention.

You should place the bait at the end of the trap so that the raccoon would have no choice but to go in. You should keep the bait far from the trap walls, so the animals won’t be able to grab it from the outside.

You may place some weight on top of the trap to prevent animals from knocking it down. Make sure also to place this trap somewhere near their normal pathways. You can place some twigs or leaves to make it blend in with the surroundings.

Remember to wear gloves and keep the trap as far away from you as possible during transport. You can also cover it with a cloth to make the raccoon calm.

You should check with your city or county if releasing a raccoon is legal. You should release it within a five-mile radius.

Once you’ve released it, you may now clean and disinfect the trap. 

What I Like

Easy set-up

This would be suitable for beginners since you would only need to use one hand for setting the trap. The same also goes for when you need to release the raccoons.

Not harmful

The edges of the trap are smooth and rounded so it won’t harm you and the raccoons. It also has a metal plate that protects you when you’re carrying the trap during transport.


This provides faster closure and makes the trigger plate more sensitive. This allows you to catch more raccoons in a short amount of time.

Convenient design

This trap has a large handle guard. It protects you while transporting and releasing the raccoons. 

It is also collapsible, so storing it when not in use won’t be a problem. This won’t take up too much space in your house.

What I Dislike

Trigger is inconsistent

There might be times when the trigger trips at the slightest movement. Although, there may also be times when it won’t set off even if the raccoons or other animals already got the bait.

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3. Havahart 1045 Live Animal Two-Door Raccoon – Best Two Door Trap


✅Sensitive trigger plates


✅Two-door design

✅Smaller openings compared to others.

✅Humane approach

✅Smooth edges

✅Trigger rod is outside the trap to avoid damage from trapped animals

✅Easy transport

✅Comes assembled



🚫The trigger mechanism is inconsistent

🚫Other animals may decide to back out before reaching the trigger

🚫Not suitable for larger animals

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 36in x 10in x 12in
  • Weight: 12.75lbs
  • Materials: Made from 12-gauge wire mesh and galvanized steel

How Does It Work

Use fish and marshmallows. This would lure them in easier.

Place the bait at the center, especially if you’re using the two-door trap. You may place it on the trigger, under the plate, or hang it from the top.

Once the raccoon gets inside and sets off the trigger, it can never leave.

You should make sure to check it once in a while so that the raccoon won’t stay inside it for too long. There might also be times when it catches other animals, so you’d need to release them at once.

Leaving them trapped for a long time may affect their health since they don’t have access to food and water.

Always wear proper protective gear before handling the trap for added protection. Make sure that you approach it slowly so as not to startle the animal. Cover the trap with a cloth or towel to keep it calm.

Check to see if it’s legal to release the animals in public. You’re usually going to be reminded to release around five to 10 miles away from your home.

What I Like

Two-door design

This increases the chance of a raccoon getting inside. The trigger still sets off; whichever entrance they choose, the trigger would still be set off. 

Another factor that entices them to go inside is that they have a clear sightline from one end to another. This would make them think that it is safe to enter.

Timed-release door

You can set the timer for up to five minutes before the trap opens. This would give you enough time to distance yourself from the trap. This is to protect you from the raccoon if it tries to attack you once it goes out.

Fully assembled

You would only need to place it in your desired location and place the proper bait inside the trap. After this, you would only need to set the two doors and you’re good to go.

What I Dislike

Two-door design may be a disadvantage

The doors aren’t tied together, so you will have to set them one at a time. It might also be hard to open the doors when releasing the raccoon.

Not suitable for bigger animals

The metal used for this trap may not be enough to withstand the force that larger animals exert. They have a higher chance of escaping and breaking the trap doors in the process.

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4. Duke 0510 Coon Trap – Best Leg Trap



✅Dog-proof design

✅Easy installation

✅Encourages the raccoon to grab the bait

✅Heavy-duty anchor chains

✅You can place different kinds of bait

✅Different approach compared to other traps


🚫Some places may not allow the use of this trap since it tends to be inhumane

🚫Disposal procedures may be a hassle

🚫Not suitable to use around children

🚫You should also buy the set tool separately

🚫Tends to rust over time

🚫Spring may be too hard

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 15.98in x 9.02in x 5.98in
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Materials: Features heavy cast steel jaws, stainless steel rod dog

How Does It Work

This trap is different than other raccoon traps in the sense that it latches on to their paw. Inside the trap, you place a bait. 

The raccoon will attempt to grab the bait with their paw, which will trigger the divide to clamp down on their paw. 

This trap should be secured to a wire and a stake into the ground or tied around a tree for the most effective results. 

This will prevent the raccoon from trying to walk away with the trap. 

Always remember to wear protective gear whenever you go near the trap and the raccoon. Various diseases and viruses may be present without you knowing.

Once it has trapped the raccoon, you may now proceed to transport it, following proper procedures. 

You should check the local laws in your area to know the dispatching method options that you have.

What I Like

Different approach

This steers away from the usual cage traps that some animals tend to avoid. These traps are more subtle and often attract raccoons without knowing it’s a trap. Some raccoons avoid large cage traps, making it hard to trap them even if there is bait inside. 

Dog-proof design

These kinds of traps are specially made for catching raccoons, opossums, and skunks. This is why the holes are only enough for the size of their paws. Dogs and other animals won‘t be able to fit theirs into this trap, so you won’t have to worry about your pets accidentally snagged. It is important to note that while larger dogs’ paws don’t fit, it is possible that smaller dogs could get caught in this trap. 

What I Dislike

Needs to be secure

You would need to make sure that you stake it properly. Otherwise, the trap will get taken by raccoons and other animals. This means you need to be sure you secure it properly or else your trap will be gone with the animal is attached to. 

May still catch other animals.

While this trap is dog-proof, it can still catch other animals. So depending on the rodents around your home, you might be accidentally catching other animals rather than that raccoon you are trying to get rid of. 

Hard to Set 

This trap is difficult to set. The spring is so hard that it requires a unique tool just to set it. This is a hassle and can sometimes take several tries before its set correctly. 

This is a need, especially for the new units. The spring is too hard to set on your own unless you have a vice with you.

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We’ve just gone through the different kinds of traps that you can use to catch raccoons. 

It’s up to you to decide which one of these is the most suitable and efficient way for your situation. 

The important thing here is that you’ll get to find them a new home while protecting your own.

I know you can do it.

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