The Best Wasp Killers In 2023

Wasps are the worst because they can make the outside of your home unusable.

Not only that, but treating these pests is dangerous and scary. 

In this post, we’ll go over the best wasp spray to help you get rid of these pests once and for all. 

Let’s dive in.

1. Ortho hornet and wasp killer


✅Easy and Ready to use

✅Contact Kills

✅Wide dispersal

✅Residual control



🚫 No safety cap

🚫Complicated nozzle


🚫Not suitable to use around children and pets

🚫Not safe for the environment

Key Details

  • Active ingredient:  0.20% Tetramethrin, 0.20% Sumithrin
  • How fast does it work: on contact – 1-2 hours 
  • How long does it last: It depends on the frequency of sprays.
  • Quantity: 16oz.

How Does It Work

Ortho’s Home Defense Hornet & Wasp Killer formula can immediately kill wasps upon contact. It damages their nervous system, causing paralysis, and eventually death. 

After this product is sprayed it foams up making it easy easy to cover the entire nest in insecticide. This traps the bees inside while the product begins killing them. 

What I Like

Foam application 

This spray turns into a foam making it easy to cover wide areas. The foam application also make it easy to apply because you can see exactly where the spray is beginning to cover the next. 

Suitable for other pests

This is a good option especially if you are targeting various pests. It is not only effective for wasps but also for yellow jackets, hornets, and many more.

Long Distance Spray

This is a great option because it can spray up to 20 feet with ease. This is great safety features while also giving you versatility. 

What I Dislike

May cause stains

Vinyl, painted, and plastic surfaces are at risk of getting stained with this product. You can try applying a small amount to an inconspicuous part of the area first, to see if there will be negative effects.


This product is harmful to aquatic organisms. You should make sure that none of it would wash off into drainages, gutters, and the like.


This product needs extra care, especially during application. Make sure that it is nowhere near heat or open flames, since it is flammable and may cause electric shocks.

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2. EcoSmart Hornet and Wasp Killer



✅Safe to use around children

✅Non-toxic and organic


✅Doesn’t cause stains

✅Easy to use

✅Plant-based formula


🚫 No residual effect

🚫 Strong odor of peppermint

🚫 Not as fast acting as chemical formulas

Key Details

  • Active ingredient: Peppermint Oil  – 1.00%, 2-Phenethyl Propionate  – 0.50%
  • How fast does it work:  Fast acting – kills after 1-2 hours.
  • How long does it last: No residual effect
  • Quantity: 9oz. or 14oz. cans

How Does It Work

EcoSmart is an all natural Wasp and hornet killer that uses peppermint essential oil to kill wasps. This product kills wasps by destroying their exoskeleton and eventually causing them to die. 

This product does not kill immediately on contact but over several hours the wasps will begin dying. This is a great alternative if you are spraying near pets, cattle, or gardens. It eliminates the possibility of spreading toxic chemicals around your home. 

What I Like


This formula is 100% organic. This is safe for children and pets since it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It doesn’t pose a threat against the environment. You won’t have to worry about it getting into drainage systems as well.


This product doesn’t leave stains on surfaces you’ve sprayed. It is also safe to apply on edible plants to keep pests from eating them.

What I Dislike

No residual effect

The downside to this is that you would have to do many applications on your targeted surfaces. This is because it is not long-lasting. 

It has no residual effect so any bees that return after the product dries will not be affected by the initial treatment. 

Strong peppermint-like odor

It won’t be suitable for indoor use because of its strong odor. You would need good ventilation for this type of product.

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3. CRC INDUSTRIES, INC EWHIK16 Instant Knockdown



✅ Pricey

✅Potent formula

✅Gun-style trigger

✅Can spray up to 22ft

✅Fast acting, can kill upon contact

✅Safe to use around plastics

✅Extension tube is also a locking mechanism

✅Dense spray


🚫 Trigger is not  great

🚫Suitable for outdoor use only


🚫Not suitable to use around children and pets

🚫May cause stains to concrete

🚫You should always wear gloves

Key Details

  • Active ingredient: Tetramethrin – 0.200%, Phenothrin –  0.125%, Other Ingredients – 99.675%
  • How fast does it work: It kills upon contact.
  • How long does it last: It depends on the frequency of sprays.
  • Quantity: 16oz.

How Does It Work

CRC Wasp and Hornet killer is a professional grade wasp killer. This wasp killer delivers an effective instant kill. It also produces a residual effect that last several weeks after application. 

It also has a powerful sprayer that allows you to spray up to 22 feet that allows you to treat wasps nest from a safe distance. 

What I Like

Powerful Spray nozzle

The built in spray nozzle makes it easy to spray nests. It also includes an extension tip for easy application inside small cracks, crevices, and holes. 

Great for beginners

This product is not harmful, even to plastic sidings, connectors, and other insulations. The installation process is also very easy so professional skills are not required.


Spraying more than once is not needed since the contents are dense. It can immediately do its job upon application.

What I Dislike

Suitable for outdoor use only

If you also have indoor manifestations, you would need to buy another product.

Toxic and flammable

This is harmful to humans and other living organisms because it contains permethrin. This makes the product toxic and even flammable. You will need to take extra care when using and storing it.

Not good for concrete

Make sure that you won’t be treating anything with concrete before buying this because it will cause stains.

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4. Viper Concentrate



✅Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


✅Budget-friendly and effective

✅Up to three months of residual protection

✅Can spray to as far as 22ft

✅Easy to mix and use

✅Made from natural ingredients

✅Fast acting

✅Suitable for other pests as well


🚫 Needs a separate sprayer attachment

🚫Not eco-friendly

🚫Not suitable to use around humans and pets

Key Details

  • Active ingredient: Cypermethrin: (±) α-cyano-(3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl (±)-cis, trans-3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)- 2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate* – 25.40%, 
  • How fast does it work: Kills upon contact
  • How long does it last: It depends on the frequency of sprays.
  • Quantity: Available in 1oz., 4oz., and 1 pint.

How Does It Work

Martin’s Viper Insecticide Concentrate contains Cypermethrin, which damages the nervous system of wasps, leading to death. This can also affect other pests such as hornets, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and many more.

When using the product, you shouldn’t allow it to reach drains, gutters, and surface waters. This may cause contamination which is very harmful.

This product is a concentrate and requires mixing with water and a pressurized sprayer to apply to a nest.

What I Like

Spray distance

You won’t have to go near the target area since one spray can reach up to 22ft. This might even kill the wasps before they hit the surface.

Readily available

This is available in retail markets as well as online websites, which makes it convenient and easier to find.

Residual protection

This can put you at ease if you’re facing a serious infestation. This is because the product has a residual protection that may last up to three months.

What I Dislike

Needs extra care

You would need to be extra careful when applying the product. This is not suitable for edible plants, so you should avoid spraying near them. It is also harmful to humans, so always wear protective gear before application. 


This product also contains chemicals that can damage the environment. You should make sure to follow the proper disposal once you’ve finished its contents.

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Now you know the different products you can get and methods you can do to put an end to your wasp-related struggles.

It’s up to you to decide which would be the best solution.

I’m certain you’ll make the right choice.

You can do it.

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