Can Wasp Traps Harm Bees?

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Barbeques and cookouts are a must when it comes to summer, but many soon find that wasps are often hovering over food and drinks too. While wasps can be aggressive … Read more

Difference Between Wasps and Bees

wasp on flower

The differences between bees and wasps are nuanced but some generalities can be made. Wasps often have a cut waist whereas bees do not. Bees are rounder in appearance. Also, … Read more

Do Venus Flytraps Consume Wasps?

Paper wasp caught in Venus fly trap

Venus Flytraps are fascinating, carnivorous plants that prosper both indoors and outdoors. When cared for properly, Venus flytraps serve as a sustainable, alternative form of pest control as they eagerly … Read more

Can Wasps Live in Walls?

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Noticing a high number of wasps in the garden and around your home is a good sign that there may be a nest nearby, and if allowed to mature, they … Read more

Are Wasps Drawn to Light?

Insects attracted to light

Wasps are Drawn to Light The simple answer is yes. Wasps are attracted to light, so you’ll want to turn off your porch lights to avoid drawing these carnivorous insects … Read more

Hornets – A Quick Guide

European hornet

What is a hornet? They are a family of wasps considered one of the most highly organized in their respective family, resembling the common yellowjacket in their coloration. It should … Read more

Do Wasps Feel Pain?


When humans think of pain we think about the emotional response rather than the firing of neurons. For wasps to experience pain they need to have a consciousness and awareness … Read more