The 7 Best Bed Bug Traps in 2023

Imagine waking up with itchy red welts on your skin, recalling you were perfectly fine the night before.

Obviously, it may not be you since you recall taking a shower before going to bed.

It might be the bed or the sheet you slept in. 

You look closer to your bed and you see bed bugs! Yuck! 

Instead of shelling out for a new mattress, you now find yourself at a store staring at bed bug solutions. 

Let’s explore a few of the best bed bug traps in the market so you can decide what’s right for you!

1.TruGuard X Bed Bug Interceptors – Best Bed Bug Interceptors


✅ Long-lasting – quality built materials.

✅The 4”x4” Interior dimensions accommodate most bed and furniture legs

✅Child and pet safe

✅No chemicals or pesticides

✅Reusable and eco-friendly

✅24/7 protection


🚫Need to monitor and remove trapped bed bugs
🚫Positing is important to avoid creating a pathway for bed bugs
🚫Installing it may require some movement of heavy furniture 

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 4”x4” Interior dimensions to accommodate most bed and furniture legs
  • Color: White; Black
  • Type Of Lure: No Lure
  • Trap Method: Bed bugs can easily climb in the traps but cannot climb out once trapped.
  • How Fast Does It Work: Once bed bugs climb in the trap, they will get trapped in the slippery outer trench.
  • How Long Does It Last: Its extra-thick base plate is engineered to last.
  • Reusable: Yes

How To Apply It?

The traps are simple to use but may require some heavy lifting.

Bed bug interceptors are designed to be placed under furniture legs such as bed bugs, dressers, or couches.

It’s important that neighboring items are not in contact with bed frames, couches, or any furniture that is on top of the interceptors.

Contact with other items such as furniture, cords, curtains, etc. can create a bridge for bed bugs to bypass the interceptors.

Remember to check the traps daily for any trapped bed bugs.

Also, always be sure that there are no items touching the floor or the trap from your furniture.

Everyday items that often allow bed bugs to bypass interceptors on bed posts are blankets, clothes, pillows, and backpacks.

We often don’t realize these items create a bridge for bed bugs to bypass the interceptors.

How Does It Work?

TruGuard X interceptors have a fundamental but effective concept. 

Interceptors are placed under the legs of furniture; this keeps the furniture elevated off the ground. 

For bed bugs to get on our furniture, they need a way to climb up. The interceptor eliminates this path by creating a trench between your furniture and the bed bugs. 

Bed bugs can climb up into the interceptors, but once they make it over, they fall into a trench. 

This trench is specially designed with a slippery surface to prevent the bed bugs from getting out. 

They will stay trapped in this trench until you remove them. 

This is why it is important to monitor your bed bug interceptors every few days to remove any trapped bed bugs. 

What I Like

24/7 Protection 

My favorite part about this bed bug trap is that it offers 24/7 protection.

And you don’t ever need to replace them because they are built to last, as long as you make sure you are not creating any barriers then you are protected. 

No Chemicals + Pet and Child Safe

Another benefit is that there are no chemicals with this trap. 

There are no chemicals or sticky substances to worry about your children or pets getting stuck on.

What I Dislike

No Lure

The major downside of this trap is that it does not have a lure. This means that it does not trap bed bugs that are currently on your bed or other furniture. 

It only prevents bed bugs from getting on to your bed but does not remove any bed bugs. 

Difficult to Install

While they are not extremely difficult to install they are much harder than  other bed bug traps. 

With this trap you will need to lift your heavy furniture to get the traps under each leg.

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2. Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Trap – Easiest Bed Bug Trap


✅ Pesticide-free

✅Scientifically proven attractant

✅Simple instructions and easy to use

✅Lure, detect and trap bed bugs in as fast as an hour

✅Handy/small in size

✅The odor is not hazardous to people or animals.

✅Safe lid enclosure to avoid touching the trapped bed bugs


🚫Requires frequent monitoring

🚫Not meant to kill or trap all bed bugs in an area but just to monitor their presence in it

🚫Require to follow up treatments to get rid of bed bugs fully

🚫Ineffective with large bed bug infestations

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 5.38 x 0.88 x 6.69 in.
  • Type Of Lure: Bed bug attractant (Pheromone)
  • Trap Method: Works by detecting, luring and trapping bed bugs using a scientifically proven attractant
  • How Fast Does It Work: Lure, detect & trap bed bugs as fast as an hour after setting up the trap
  • How Long Does It Last: Two weeks
  • Reusable: No

How To Apply It?

Using this trap is fast and easy. 

  1. Rove the paper from the glue card. 
  2. Attach the glue car to the bottom of the trap. 
  3. Push the button on the front until you hear a click. 
  4. Place bed bug traps under your bed, around furniture in your bedroom, or anywhere you suspect bed bugs. 

To check if there are bed bugs present, follow these steps. 

  1. Slightly peel back the sticker on the front to expose the glue board. 
  2. If bed bugs are present, push the station down. 
  3. This will lock the trap in place and present any bed bugs from getting out. 
  4. Dispose of the trap in trash properly. 

How Does It Work?

The Ortho trap is a small glue trap enclosed with a lure that attracts bed bugs.

Once the lure is activated, it will attract bed bugs to the trap.

When the bed bugs approach the trap, they will get stuck on the glue board.

It’s important to note that this trap is most useful for early detection or with smaller infestations.

With larger infestations, the lure becomes ineffective.

This is because the other bed bugs’ pheromones will drown out the lure emitted by the trap.

What I Like


I like that this trap uses a lure to attract bed bugs. Many other bed bug traps rely on bedbugs walking over the traps on accident or by strategic placement and a bit of luck.

This lure is scientifically proven to attract bed bugs and does so exceptionally well.

I like that I can rely on this trap to attract the bed bugs while some won’t escape if the glue trap is off a few inches.

Small and Discreet

Another great thing about this trap is that it’s small and discrete.

You can place it around your home or bedroom without anyone noticing.

Also, the glue trap is not exposed, making it safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Easy To Find

Another huge benefit is that these are easy to find.

You can get them online or in most department or retail stores.

If they are not in stock, most allow you to order online, which is a bonus.

What I Dislike:

Only for Detection

This trap is best for detection and can not eliminate bed bugs.

After using this trap, you will likely need to use other chemicals and treatments to get rid of bed bugs.

Ineffective with Large Infestations

The lure used on this trap becomes effective with large bed bug infestations.

The pheromones of other bed bugs will drown out the lure making it useless.

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3. SenSci ActivVolcano Bed Bug Monitor and Lure – Best Lure Bed Bug Trap


✅ The SenSci Activ Lure can also be used/combined with interceptors.

✅The SenSci Activ Lure is sold separately giving you options if you want to start detecting bed bugs just by using the volcano first.

✅The Sensci Volcano features a clear window underneath for easy inspection and lure installation.

✅The Sensci Volcano is child and pet safe.
✅Easy to install and inspect, maintenance-free.


🚫 The SenSci Activ Lure has chemical content.

🚫Volcano trap is large and bulky

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins (4%), Piperonyl Butoxide (16%)
  • How Fast Does It Work: Kills fleas on contact
  • How Long Does It Last: 30 Weeks
  • Treatment Area: 3000 square feet. Difficult areas 1500 – 3000 square feet.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors: Indoors or Enclosed areas.

How To Apply It?

The Volcano comes built. All you need to do is snap on the clear base to prevent bed bugs from getting out. 

You can start placing these in areas you suspect bed bugs. 

Most commonly under and around your bed. 

To make this an active Volcano, we want to use the Sensci Lure. 

Before doing so, you will need to open the lure. 

Follow the directions on the lure to understand how to activate the lure. 

Once active, place the lure on top of the transparent base before you snap it onto the Volcano. 

Once you snap it in, you are ready to place it under your bed. 

It is advised you use at least two to three traps around your bed. 

What I Like

Easy To Install and Reusable

This device is easy to install, and you can begin using it within a few minutes out of the box. It’s reusable, which means you don’t have to throw away your trap every time you use it.

You can also purchase lures individually to continue making active Volcanoes.

Effective Lure

The lure is highly effective. It is scientifically proven to attract bed bugs.

It is designed to mimic the chemicals on the surface of the skin.

Thus even with large infestations, the trap remains effective.

What I Dislike

Lure Contains Chemical

The chemical used by the lure is dangerous to the skin. 

It is recommended that you use gloves when opening it. 

To be safe, it is best to keep the trap out of reach from children and pets.


While this trap is useful, it is much more costly than other bed bug traps. It is the most costly on the list. 

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4. Harris Bed Bug Traps – Best Glue Traps


✅Pesticide-Free – All Natural


✅Easy To Use and Set up

✅Discrete – easily hide under bed and furniture

✅Captures other insects as well


🚫 No longer effective after dust and debris

🚫Limited effectiveness at eliminating bed bugs

🚫Better for early detection

🚫Hard to place around key hiding places such as under mattress or box spring.

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 4.20 x 0.50 x 10.10 inches
  • Type Of Lure: None
  • Trap Method: Sticky Board
  • How Fast Does It Work: On Contact
  • How Long Does It Last: 90 Days
  • Reusable: No

How To Apply It?

These bed bug traps are straightforward to use. 

You can have several set up in approximately 1-2 minutes. 

Follow the steps below: 

  1. Two taps come merged. Break them apart by bending them at the center and pulling them apart. 
  2. Remove protective plastic on the front of the glue board. 
  3. Fold the trap and insert the tab into the slot at the top. This will keep the top of the trap together. 
  4. Fold the flaps inward until they form a 30-degree angle. These will act as the walls and add support to the glue traps.  
  5. Place the traps in desired locations or common places bed bugs hide and travel. 

How Does It Work?

These traps are glue boards. They work precisely like glue boards for other insects.

Once built, any bed bugs that walk over the glue will get stuck on contact.

For the best results, strategically place these traps where bed bug activity is high.

This includes:

  • the legs of your bed
  • the base of the furniture inside your bedroom
  • the bed frame, and
  • Other areas where bed bug activity is present

These traps are best for monitoring and not eliminating bed bugs.

I highly recommend using these traps if you have had your home treated for bed bugs.

This is a great way to determine if any bed bugs remain in your home.

These are also great to use if you suspect bed bugs in your home.

Keeping these active during and after a treatment is a great way to gauge the level of infestation.

What I Like

All Natural

One of the best things about these products is that it does not use any pesticides. 

You can have peace of mind that if your dog or baby accidentally comes in contact with the traps, they will not be poisoned.  

These traps typically last longer than traps with pesticides. As long as the glue is sticky, this trap is effective. 

Smalls and Discrete

Another benefit is that these traps are small and discrete. 

Since this trap has a house around the traps,  these traps will keep the trapped bugs nicely hidden. 

Another great thing is that they are small. You can place them behind furniture legs without anyone noticing. 


Another benefit is that these come from a trusted company at an affordable price.

You only pay around $1 for each trap, and if you purchase bigger packs, then the price per trap decreases.

This is a great option if you are looking for a reliable trap on a budget.

What I Dislike

No Lure

One of the most significant issues with this trap is that there is no lure or scent to attract bed bugs.

This means that the bed bugs must walk through the trap on its own for it to work.

If a bed bug climbs up or down your bedpost on the opposite side of the traps, they will escape.

Since there is no way to draw them in, they can sometimes be useful even if there is activity.


The glue traps do have a particular smell that is quite noticeable when you are putting it together.

While this scent has no attractive features for bed bugs, it can be disturbing.

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5. ASPECTEK – Trapest Sticky Dome Flea Bed Bug Trap


✅ Non-Toxic


✅Easy and convenient to use

✅Highly creative design

✅Broad-spectrum; can catch ticks, fleas, and mites as well

✅Rated safe by UL, CE, and ROHS

✅Can be used as a night light too


🚫Glue on sticky pads is a bit weak

🚫Bulb burns out quickly

🚫Requires a power source

🚫Small children and pets may approach the heated lamp

🚫Large and Bulky

🚫Limited refill glue traps.

🚫Lifted edge can discourage bed bugs from crawling over

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.7 x 3.1 inches.
  • Type Of Lure: color, heat, light, and sweet odor
  • Trap Method: Adhesive Tape + Lure
  • How Fast Does It Work: On contact, bed bugs that are attracted to lure will then get stuck on the sticky board   
  • How Long Does It Last: Each disc will last about two to four weeks, depending on the infestation. Refills can be stored for up to 12 months.
  • Reusable:
    • Dome Trap: Yes
    • Sticky Pad: No

How To Apply It?

These traps are easy to use and allow you to get set up very quickly. 

  1. Place the circular glue trap on the bottom part of the device. 
  2. Screw-in light bulb
  3. Attach the bottom and top portions of the trap to create a dome. 
  4. Plug into a power source. 
  5. Place in areas where bed bugs travel to attract and trap them. 

Place these traps near common bed bugs hiding sports like: 

  • Near bed frame legs
  • Under the bed 
  • Under other furniture such as dressers and couches 
  • Near bed bug activity 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you when using these products. 

  • For the best results, keep this trap plugged in at all times. 
  • Place near areas that bed bugs frequently. 
  • Be cautious when using around pets. 
  • Using a few drops of blood on the trap can increase effectiveness.
  • Use other products to treat bed bugs; this device is best used as a monitoring method than treatment. 

How Does It Work?

This trap works by using light and heat to lure bed bugs onto the sticky trap.

Bed bugs are naturally attracted to heat and CO2 because these act as a signal that there is a host present.

The idea is to place these traps near or under common locations that bed bugs infest.

For example, placing these traps under your bed or near your bed’s feet should attract bed bugs.

As the bed bugs approach the trap, they will climb over the barrier and get stuck on the sticky trap.

What I Like

Lure Method

One of my favorite parts about this product is that it turns glue boards into an active monitoring system. 

The heat lure is designed to improve the efficiency of traditional glue boards.

Effective On Other Pests 

A major benefit of this product is that the combined lure method of light and heat attracts other insects. 

With this product, you can trap several other bugs to determine the type of pest problem you have. 

What I Dislike

Large and Bulky

Unfortunately, this product is quite large and bulky compared to other bed bug traps. 

As a result, it will not always fit under your bed or furniture, especially if your product is less than 4 inches in height. 

The size is a major downside because it can limit where you place your traps. 

Another issue is that it’s large.

This is not a discrete product. Others will likely be aware that it is present if you are using this product. 

Limited Sticky Glue Refills

Another thing that I dislike about this product is that it comes with limited refills. 

Since this product is circular, you need particular sticky traps to fit this trap. 

The glue traps are easy to find, and they are compatible with Victor M231 Sticky Trap refills. 

Constant Light Source

This product also needs a contact power source for the best results. 

This is a problem for several reasons: 

  1. It drains power.
  2. Extension cords are typically required to achieve ideal placement locations. 
  3. Light bulbs burn out fast. 

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6. BB ALERT Passive Detector


✅ Versatile placement due to sticky tape on the bottom of the device


✅Easy to inspect


✅Pesticide Free



🚫No Lure methods. 

🚫Does not trap bed bugs but only attracts them 

🚫No pesticides and all-natural

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 3.75in x 2.8in x .31in
  • Type Of Lure: Replicates Harborage areas
  • Trap Method: Passive monitor.
  • How Fast Does It Work: Takes time to work
  • How Long Does It Last: 12 months
  • Reusable: Yes

How To Apply It?

These BB traps are quite easy to use. The key part about using these traps is that you need to place them near bed bugs’ harborage areas.

To do this, start by locating where your bed bugs are hiding.

If you can’t find any bed bugs hiding location, you can place where bed bugs are most common.

This is typically on the mattress, bed frame, or box spring.

Once you have decided on the location, remove the sticky cover on the back and attack it where you like.

If bed bugs are found inside the traps you should remove the trap and palace it inside a zip-lock.

There is a white border around the traps to highlight any bed bug fecal droppings allowing you locate bed bugs.

The zip-lock bag will prevent you from spreading bed bugs throughout your house when removing the trap.

How Does It Work?

This trap works by using light and heat to lure bed bugs onto the sticky trap.

Bed bugs are naturally attracted to heat and CO2 because these act as a signal that there is a host present.

The idea is to place these traps near or under common locations that bed bugs infest.

For example, placing these traps under your bed or near your bed’s feet should attract bed bugs.

As the bed bugs approach the trap, they will climb over the barrier and get stuck on the sticky trap.


Where To Place It?

This device should be placed near bed bug hiding places.

For the best results the BB alert should be placed near where the hots sleeps.

In most cases, this is near the mattress.

Some common and effective hiding places include:

  • On the side of the mattress
  • On the side or under the box spring
  • On the baseboard
  • On the wall near the be.

Places to avoid placing the traps:

  • On Polished wood
  • Or areas where adhesive substances might cause damage.
  • Avoid placing it in the open to prevent children or pets from disturbing it.

What I Like

Versatile Placement

The amazing thing about this product is that you can place it in areas where other traps typically can’t.

With the adhesive back you can attach as close to the bed bugs natural hiding spot as possible.

Discrete and Professional

This device is designed with the professional and consumer in mind.

First, it’s easy to use. The slim design and adhesive back allow you to easily place it in locations that are not visible to others.

Second, the trap adhesive works extremely well and has dates and tracking on the front for improved monitoring.

What I Dislike

Passive Monitoring

One thing I dislike is that it is a passive monitor. In addition to it being passive, it also does not use any method of trapping the bed bugs inside.

For example, while glue traps are passive once they enter the trap they can’t leave.

This trap on the other hand, allows them to leave and travel within the traps uninterrupted.


Keep in mind that this trap is quite expensive.

While it has a great build and does not break easily it is quite expensive for what it is.

By that I mean that this product is essentially just cardboard folded into a shelter with a hard cover and adhesive back.

Check Price on Amazon!

7. Hot Shot HG-96318 – Best Versatile Glue Board


✅No Chemicals

✅Adaptable Placement

✅Easy to use

✅Can detect other insects


🚫Requires careful assembly

🚫Glue is exposed

🚫Not safe around kids or pets

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 0.56 x 3.93 x 10.87 inches
  • Type Of Lure: None
  • Trap Method: Glue Board 
  • How Fast Does It Work: On Contact
  • How Long Does It Last: 6-8 months – depending on adhesive glue
  • Reusable: No

How To Apply It?

The hot shot traps are great because they have custom assembly depending on where you are going to place it. 

You get customization yet it’s still easy to use. 

Below are assembly requirements for different situations: 

For Use around furniture and bed frame legs: 

  1. Start by pushing in Tab A breaking the perforations, then remove it.
  2. Next, remove the release paper pulling it from any corner, exposing the glue strips. 
  3. Fold the trap at the fold line and insert Tab C into Tab D, enclosing the glue strips.
  4. Finally, remove Tab B along the perforations. The trap is now ready to be set. Slide the trap unto the furniture or bed frame leg.

For Use Between Mattresses 

  1. Remove the release paper.
  2. Insert Tab C into Tab D. 
  3. The trap is ready to be set. 
  4. Place Tab B between the mattress and box frame, which will hang the trap on the mattress side. 

For Use On The Floor

  1. Remove the release paper.
  2. Insert Tab C into Tab D.
  3. Remove Tab B along the perforations.
  4. Place the trap on the floor along the wall making sure an open edge of the trap touches the wall.

How Does It Work?

The hot shot glue traps works similar to other glue traps on this list. 

Once the trap is set up any bed bugs that walk over the sticky part will get trapped. 

Unfortunately similar to other glue traps, the Hot Shot glue trap does not use any lure method. 

This means that you must rely on luck and proper placement to trap bed bugs. 

What I Like


My favorite part about this glue trap is the versatility. 

It comes with 3 different methods of building in depending on your needs.

This is unique because most traps only come with one design while the hot shot comes with three that are all very easy to construct. 

My favorite options are the hanging option which is great for placing in between the mattress. 

The other option that is very useful is the trap designed for around furniture and bed frame legs. 

With this unique design the trap will cover ¾ of the area around the legs which is significantly more than other traps. 


Another great thing about this trap is that it is inexpensive and easy to find. 

These traps are easy to find online as well as most local hardware and department stores. 

In addition, they cost under $2 per trap which is inexpensive compared to some other glue traps. 

What I Dislike

Hard To Build

While it does come with fours different options to build the traps this can be confusing for some.

The instructions included are not very helpful which can make it a bit difficult to build the exact design that you want.


One of the most useful design options is the ability to hand it off the side of your mattress.

Unfortunately the tab holding the trap in place does tend to break after moderate movement on the bed.

Another common issue that these traps is that if they collapse.

If they collapse they get stuck together and can be very hard to separate.

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