The 6 Best Roach Foggers To Get Rid Of Roaches

Having roaches in your house is a nightmare. While your sleeping, they run all over your kitchen and get whatever food they can.

These pesky little pests are not easy to get rid of either. They reproduce fast and hide in hard to reach areas.

One way to attack these beasts quickly and easily is by using roach foggers.

In this article, I have reviewed the best roach foggers on the market to make your life easier when deciding which one to purchase.

Let’s dive in!

1. ProControl Plus Total Release Fogger Bomb – Best Overall Roach Fogger


✅Low-cost and highly efficient

✅Eliminates multiple pests

✅Fast acting at managin infestation

✅Can be diffused in different areas

✅6 oz can treat 5,000 cubic feet


🚫Purposely designed for indoor use only

🚫Not effective against insect larvae

🚫Unable to terminate insect’s life cycle

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Cyfluthrin (0.1%), Piperonyl Butoxide (1%), Pyrethrins (0.5%) and other ingredients (98.40%
  • How Fast Does It Work: 2 hours
  • How Long Does It Last: 2 months 

How Does It Work

The ProControl Plus Total Release Fogger Bomb is a double-fighting insect killer composed of active ingredients that can paralyze and target an insect’s nervous system. Another component helps improve the performance of the active ingredients to enhance the elimination effect on insects. 

What I Like

User Friendly

The product is beneficial. It is easy to handle and highly convenient, especially for its size. A 6oz bottle can eliminate various pests/insects inside the house and reach about 5,000 cubic feet. 

Additionally, it has a safety nozzle, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your child accidentally touching it. 

Double Acting Killing Agent

Controlling and getting rid of infestation has become effortless due to the active ingredients present in the product, such as pyrethrins, cyfluthrin, and piperonyl butoxide. 

It uses chemicals that are not powerful and that roaches typically do not have any resistance to. In addition, it uses  Piperonly butoxide which enhances the effect of the insecticides in the product. 

Multipurpose Properties   

It can kill different types of insects that are not limited to house bugs such as ants, beetles, crickets, fleas, silverfish, spiders, ticks, and hornets. 

Heavy Duty Ready

Perfect for those looking for heavy-duty indoor pest control, the product contains five poisonous chemicals used in big food storages, industrial buildings, hotels, and the like.

What I Dislike

Its Inconvenience 

The product contains harmful active ingredients, so you’ll have to leave your home while you are using it and let it air out properly. 


This is a professional grade fogger and it is expensive. One canister is more than enough to treat larger rooms but if you have to treat multiple room it can get expensive. 

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2. PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide – Best Insecticide Roach Spray


✅Fast-acting – kills withing one day

✅Residual effect last 7 months

✅One canister treats 2,625 square feet

✅Has IGR (insect growth regulators)

✅Can treat small cracks and crevices



🚫Strong odor

🚫Hard to find

🚫Not a fogger

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Dinotefuran 0.25%, Pyriproxyfen 0.10%, Prallethrin 0.05% and other ingredients 99.60%
  • How Fast Does It Work: 1-3 hours 
  • How Long Does It Last: 7 months

How Does It Work

The PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide is a multipurpose killing agent specially formulated for eliminating insects. While the name of the product includes bed bugs and fleas it is highly effective against cockroaches as well. 

Unlike the other options on this list, this is not an all release fogger. This is a pressurized insecticide can. The reasons for this is that it is a highly effective insecticide that can be used as a fogger with proper protection.

What I Like

Fast Acting Bug Exterminator

PT Alpine Flea & Bed Bug Pressurized Insecticide kills nesting sites and babies for up to seven months even after treatment. 

It uses a powerful insecticide to kill insects on contact and IGR to disrubt the reproduction cycle of insects. 

Used by Professionals

This is a professional grade insecticide spray. Commonly used by professionals over common household pesticide sprays such as raid and hotshot. 

Precision Application

Since this is not a fogger you can apply this insecticide exactly where you want it to go.

This is a huge advantage because often time foggers can not reach inside small cracks and crevices where roaches typically hide. This is no longer an issue with this product. 

What I Dislike

Has a Strong Odor

Its important to realize the toxicity of this product. When used it will leae a strong odor. 

If you do plan on spraying this extensively inside or outside your home I recommend that you evacuate and ventilate properly before returning inside your home. 

Contains Dangerous Chemical

Though highly effective, it is best to keep your children and pets far from it because of its harmful ingredients. Highly inflammable, you must not expose it to fire at all costs.

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3. BASF Pyrethrum TR Fogger – Best For Indoors + Outdoors


✅2oz covers 3,000 sq feet

✅Professional grade chemical

✅Extremely effective

✅Can be used indoors and outdoors

✅Exterminates different types of insects


🚫Emits unnatural odor

🚫Unsafe to be used around humans and animals


🚫Require treated area to be empty and ventilated after

🚫No residual effect

Key Details

  • Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins (4%), Piperonyl Butoxide (16%), and Other ingredients (80%)
  • How Fast Does It Work: On Contact 
  • How Long Does It Last: 1-3 hours – Minimal residual effect

How Does It Work

The Pyrethrum TR Total Release is a convenient and excellent insecticide spray that ensures the plants’ safety, herbs, and crops when used.

Beneficial for those who own greenhouses or gardens, the product quickly solves pest control by killing invasive insects. Furthermore, it is cost-efficient due to the product’s design. 

For a 2oz canister, the product can reach up to 3,000 feet without the need for equipment or other chemicals. 

What I Like

Professional Grade Insecticide 

This product uses a professional blend of insecticide to deliver a high mortality rate on contact. 

This fogger is known to be highly effective when released in rooms that re properly prepared and emptied for maximum efficiency. 

Large Coverage Area

Only 2oz of this fogger can treat 2,000 square feet. It comes in a small container but it packs a punch. 

In most cases you won’t need more than one canister to treat a room. 

Outdoor use 

Unlike most foggers, this fogger can be used outdoors. This fogger is commonly used on farms to add a level of protection to crops. 

Likewise if you have an issue in your yard, patio, or shed, you can use it there as well to eliminate any hiding roaches. 

What I Dislike

No Redisual Effect 

This fogger delivers in every aspect except one. It provides minimal residual effect. 

Depending on the conditions the effect of the fogger typically dissipates in 24 hours and in most cases 1-3 hours after the initial treatment. 


This fogger is small and effective but it is expensive. 

You might spend half the price on other foggers for twice the amount of product. Nonetheless this is a professional grade product known for how effective it is. 

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4. Hot Shot Fogger6 with Odor Neutralizer – Best Budget Fogger



✅Easy to find


✅Eliminates on contact

✅Kills adults and larva



🚫Limited use on other insects such as ants and bed bugs

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Tetramethrin (0.05%), Cypermethrin (0.75) & Other Ingredients (99.20%)
  • How Fast Does It Work: 2 hours – on contact 
  • How Long Does It Last: 2 months 

How Does It Work

Upon exposure, the Hot Shot Fogger6 will kill any crawling or flying bugs that it comes into contact with. 

The fog can reach even the narrowest crevices, which guarantees that all the other insects out of sight are dead. 

In the same manner, you can rest easy because the fogger doesn’t produce any foul odor. 

What I Like

Inexpensive / Easy to Find 

This is a popular brand that is easy to find in stores and online. It is inexpensive compared to other professional-grade options and you often get twice to triple the amount of product. 

This is great if you are on a budget and you need to treat multiple rooms inside a house. 

What I Dislike

Doesn’t include IGR 

Many were disappointed to learn that there were no ingredients present to help prevent insect eggs/larvae growth. This is a downside if you are looking to create residual protection around the room you are treating. 

Residual does not deliver 

Although it is advertised to have two months of residual protection from pests. This claim is not always delivered. Often it seems that the residual effect only last several weeks to one month. 

Not as Effective as Competition

This is a common “over-the-counter” fogger. This means that while its less expensive than some of the other options it’s less effective as well.

These foggers use a common insecticide that roaches ofter develop some resistance to. Therefore in many cases, it does not deliver the high mortality rates it promises.    

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5. Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger


✅Reaches hard-to-penetrate cracks and crevices

✅Destroys the nesting and breeding area/s of insects

✅Residual effect lasts up to two months

✅No messy residue or stains

✅Available in economy packs

✅Treats an area of up to 625 square



🚫Lacks insect growth regulators (IGR)

🚫Incapable of killing many cockroaches at a time

🚫Price doubles or triples when bought online

🚫Toxic chemicals – should not be inhaled

🚫Not safe for children and pets

🚫Only effective for crawling bugs rather than fliers

🚫Only treats limited insects

🚫Leaves a strong unpleasant smell

🚫Slow-acting results

🚫Roaches tend to develop resistance

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin (1.716%)
  • How Fast Does It Work:  Kills on contact.
  • How Long Does It Last: It is a long-lasting product and will continue to eliminate insects for two months after application.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors: Indoors. Enclosed areas.

How Does It Work

This roach fogger is quite simple. Once they room is cleared out and ready to be treated, place the fogger in the center of the room on an elevated surface about 2-3 feet off the ground. 

Once the fogger is activated it will release all the contents into the air. The insecticide, cypermethrin covers the entire surface of the room and any roaches or insects that come in contact with the insecticide will begin to die. 

Cypermethrin attacks the nervous system of insects everntually paralyzing them and causing them to die.

What I Like


These foggers are inexpensive and easy to find. If you are looking for an budget option to treating the roaches in your hose this is the best bet. You can get multiple canisters to treat multiple rooms for a fraction of the cost. 

Kills multiple insects

Apart from cockroaches, it is also effective against other insects such as spiders, ants, fleas, and small bug varieties. It is formulated with cypermethrin, a  chemical that is highly effective against insects.

If you are having general pest problems this is a great options to eliminating multiple issues with one product. 

What I Dislike

Developed Resistance  

One of the biggest issues with this product is that roaches and other insects tend to develop resistance to these insecticides. They are common in many products, and over time, with halfhearted treatments, they become immune. 

This can render these foggers less effective than they usually would. 

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6. Spectracide 100046128 Bug Stop


✅No lingering odor

✅Leaves no wet residue or stains

✅Shorter time of leaving the area, around two hours

✅No need to prepare the area

✅Kills roaches and all kind of crawling and biting insects

✅Effects last up to six weeks

✅Controls heavy roach infestations


🚫Not made for bigger species of insects and bugs


🚫Contains petroleum distillate

🚫Not recommended for high-ceiling rooms

🚫Works on small areas

🚫Does not control flying insects

🚫Incapable of reaching tight corners

🚫Highly-toxic for cats and fishes

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Tetramethrin0.10%, Cypermethrin0.60%
  • How Fast Does It Work:  Kills on contact.
  • How Long Does It Last: 6 weeks.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors: Indoors

How Does It Work

Make sure to turn off all ignition sources, other open flames, and running electrical appliances. Be sure to apply this product only as specified on this label.

It is very important to get to know the safety reminders when using these kinds of products. These additional reminders might keep you and your family safe while you apply the :Spectracide 100046128 Bug Stop.

Where is it safe to apply

It is safe to be put in  back patio door; patio, garage, baseboard inside, windows, front porch, basement,  attic, trailers, and    barns

Where should they not apply it?

Avoid spraying in small, enclosed spaces;rooms that are 5 ft x 5 ft or smaller, areas where there is food, greenhouses, sewers or drains, or areas near heat or open flame.  Make sure to keep away from humans or pets

What I Like

Odorless insect killer 

Once the room has been fully aired out after treatment, the product doesn’t leave any lingering scent. 

Targets All Insects In Sight 

The mist, once dispersed throughout the room, will kill all the bugs that come in contact with the pesticide. This is a fast and easy way to treat all the insects in a room.

What I Dislike

Small Coverage 

The coverage area of this product’s fogger is much smaller than the usual foggers in the market. 

Residual Pesticide 

Foggers inject chemicals into the air and through the room that is being treated. These chemicals are not safe for people or pets. Treated rooms need proper cleaning to eliminate any residue. 

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Roaches are a nightmare. You might be looking for solutions to your problems and came across foggers. Foggers are a great way to treat large areas very quickly with minimal effort, but which one should you use? 

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered here. Use this list to choose the best fogger for your home and finally reclaim your home from those pesky roaches. Good luck!

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