The 6 Best Spider Traps For Every Home

Spiders are hard to get rid of. They hide in places you wouldn’t expect and their nocturnal nature makes them hard to spot.

One of the best ways to eliminate and monitor the spiders in your home is using spider traps.

In this post, I have put together a list of the top spider traps on the market. This list will help you decide which spider trap is best for you and your family.

Let’s dive in!

1. Rescue! Spider Traps – Best spider Traps


✅Doesn’t leave any mess

✅Includes glue dot patterns to capture multiple spiders at once

✅Blends in with the environment

✅Can be placed in narrow spaces

✅Sturdy product built


✅Great adhesive


🚫Can only be used indoors

🚫Should not be placed near children or pets

🚫Expensive compared to other insect glue traps

🚫Not eco-friendly due to plastic packaging

Key Details

  • Type of Killer: Trap
  • Active Ingredient: Glue
  • How Fast Does It Work: On contact
  • How Long Does It Last: After full dispose and apply the new trap.

How Does It Work?

The Rescue! Spider Trap contains hundreds of glue dots on its interior. The glue dots cover every side of the trap. 

The trap has four entry points that the spiders can enter through. Unlike other glue traps, Rescue uses an adhesive dot technology rather than a flat adhesive. 

This allows for the spiders to enter the traps deeper before they caught on the adhesive. The dot adhesive design prevents spiders from stacking up at the entrances which encourages more spiders to enter.

What I Like

Innovative but simple design

The product may look simple, but it is very innovative. It has four entry points with three individual traps resulting in more spiders getting caught.

Its extensive scattered glue dots keeps spiders traps while still allowing them to get deeper into the trap. This will prevent spiders from piling up at the entrance. 

Non-toxic trap 

It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals, allowing you to place it anywhere inside the house freely.

Easy to use and durable  

The product is sturdy and does not require any assembly. If you accidentally hit it, the trap won’t break, and you can quickly return it to its place. 

What I Dislike

Ecologically impractical 

The product is excellent, however, its whole unit is made up of plastic, and the traps can only be used once. If there are ways to throw out the glue traps instead of throwing away the whole thing, it would have been better.  

No Lure 

The issue with this trap is that it does not use a lure. 

This means that you may have a hard time catching spiders but not other insects

In some cases, the trap might fill up before you catch any spiders.

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2. Trapper Monitor and Insect Glue Trap


✅ Non-poisonous

✅Captures other insects

✅Contains an adhesive backing


✅Ready to use

✅Needs no application equipment


✅Buy in bulk option


🚫Not for outdoors

🚫Dirt and debris affect the product’s effectiveness

🚫Comes with no bait

🚫Glue can get very sticky to your hands

🚫Only one surface has glue

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 7″ x 3 1/2″ (approx. 178mm x 89mm) 
  • Type of Trap: Glue Trap
  • Amount/Count: 100 Boards

How Does It Work

When you put it on a flat surface, these non-poisonous pellets attract spiders and other insects to the glue until they are stuck and trapped and eventually die. It is capable of capturing and monitoring insects.

First, you should peel off the protective layer for preparation.

Using the pre-made creases and the tab inserts, fold it into a triangle.

Place it along identified spider pathways, such as along walls or corners.

When there’s a successful catch, and when the board is already full, easily dispose of the board into a trash bin.

What I Like


This product is a non-poisonous glue trap that captures and monitors bugs effectively. You don’t have to worry about any chemicals or odors in the air. It all natural adhesive that the insects will get stuck on.


Some glue traps dry out within a few weeks or even days. This can  make it time consuming and expensive to continue replacing the traps. 

This trap on the other hand can last at least one month without drying out. 

Easy To Use

These traps are easy to set up and clean up. Setting up all you need to do is make a few folds along the slits. 

To pick up all you need to do 

What I Dislike

Not for Outdoors

The outdoors can be very dusty which will affect the effectiveness of the trap, hence, it is not suited for outdoor use.

Strong glue

The glue is very strong. This is a hazard when setting up because it can get stuck to your hand or clothes easily. 

One-surface glue

The trap only has a one-sided glue surface which limits its capacity to catch spiders. 

Since spiders can easily climb on any surface if they happen to climb on top or on the side it is ineffective. 

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3. Terro 3200 Spider Traps


✅Pesticide free

✅Can last up to three months

✅Can set-up in different styles 



🚫Not made for outdoor use

🚫 Expensive 

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 3 x 10.5 inches
  • Type of Trap: SpiderTrap
  • Amount / Count: 4 glue trap

How Does It Work

These traps cab take on two different shapes. You either leave it flat and place it in common areas such as under appliances or on top of shelves. 

Or you can fold it into a triangle and place it in corners and guidelines where spiders frequent. 

What I Like


It’s a super-simple trap to use and it works very well in protecting yourself and your family from an array of creepy crawlers, including the brown recluse, black widow, and hobo spiders. 


It is equipped with a glue-sticky surface to trap spiders and insects and eventually kill it without having to use highly-toxic pesticides or fumes. 


You can use these traps in two different shapes which is great for targeting different areas. 

Use it flat for tight spaces or on top of furniture and appliances. Or you can use it as a triangle for corners and guidelines. 

What I Dislike


These traps are quite expensive and they do not come with very many inside. This means that you will likely need to buy multiple packs. 

Too sticky

The glue smells weird and can be tricky and sticky. You have to be careful to not let your hands be the next victim of the trap.

This is especially true since it has multi-sides glue when its folded. 

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4. CatchMaster 724 Spider and Insect Glue Trap




✅Ready to use

✅Easy to fold and position

✅Baited glue boards

✅Scented to attract spiders



🚫 Limited track record

🚫Possible bait aversion developing

🚫Not waterproof

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Type of Trap: Scented Glue Trap 
  • Amount/Count: 4 Traps

How Does It Work

These traps use professional grade adhesive. They have a unique low rectangular shape that is perfect for tight spaces as well as corners.

The sticky or glue trap captures spiders or insects if they walk through the trap. After getting stuck there for days, insects will starve and eventually die. 

What I Like

Value for Money

When you buy this product which is available in two and three-packs, it comes with four glue boards that are pre-scented to help you deal with your spiders faster.


You can put them under furniture, or fold them and provide cover from nosy kids and curious pets when placing them in other areas around your home.


The scent is almost unnoticeable to humans but is definitely enticing for target insects.

Adhesive strength

It is equipped with powerful and strong glue enough to trap even roaches, scorpions, and other bigger and more powerful crawlers than your average spiders. This makes the product professionally graded.

What I Dislike

Not Waterproof

Using it near the kitchen and any watery location is not advised.  Water will weaken the adhesive and allow spiders to walk over it. 

Bait Aversion

Some insects are developing possible bait aversion to this particular product.

Corner Placement

The same can be limiting when trying to place in corners and guidelines. Traps tend to stick out and become visible compared to other traps on the market. 

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5. Terro T3206 Spider & Insect Trap


✅Pesticide free

✅Bait design hides the trapped insects

✅ Inexpensive 

✅3 month lifespan

✅Practical design


🚫 Some issues with set-up, faulty sticky paper.

🚫Contains Borax

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 3.25 x 8.19 x 12. 25 inches
  • Type: Glue Trap
  • Amount: 4 traps 

How Does It Work

A pack of Terro T3206 Spider & Insect Trap contains a bundle of four glue traps that can kill the “Big 3” of poisonous arachnids: the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and Hobo Spider. 

The product is non-toxic and can be placed anywhere inside the home like basements, attics, and dark corners. Regular usage of the product can help reduce spider infestations over time.

What I Like


The Terro trap is sleek, and its size is suitable for spaces that are usually hard to reach. You can freely choose whether you want it laid flat on the surface or not, and its efficiency won’t be compromised.

Lures All Types of Insects

Apart from spiders, different types of insects are attracted to the bait. The glue pads are undoubtedly sticky, assuring you that the pests you caught are not going anywhere.

Lasts Long

The manufacturer indicates that the trap’s use can last as far as three months without it being overly congested.

What I Dislike

Awkward Design

Due to the changes in the product’s design, some people find the set-up tricky or perplexing.

Not only that, but the backing is sometimes too tough to peel-off and the box won’t hold its shape.

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6. JT Eaton 844 Pest Catchers


✅ Long and thin 

✅Heavy-duty power:

✅The trap’s scent acts as an attractant to pests

✅ Long lasting


🚫 Not suitable for outdoor use

🚫Not waterproof

🚫 Exposed glue – no barrier

Key Details

  • Dimensions: 5 x 1 x 8 inches
  • Type of Trap: Sticky Trench
  • Amount: 2 or 3 Traps 

How Does It Work

The JT Eaton 844 Pest Catcher is an ecologically friendly trap used to kill undesirable insects without the bad smell. It consists of a combination of non-drying glue formula and a thermo-formed plastic cover that stops possible glue leakage and will last for long periods. 

Compared to the standard sticky trap this is more of a trench that catches anything that walks over it. 

What I Like

Scented Product

The sweet scent lures in spiders and crickets making it easier to dispose. This trap takes an active approach to catching spiders and other insects. 

Durable Adhesive Action

The glue clings well despite being exposed to different temperatures throughout the day. Not only does it kill insects, but it also manages to catch pesky rodents.

What I Dislike

Not Suitable for Outdoors

The trap cannot be folded to protect it from moisture and water, making it one of the least recommended candidates for outdoor pest control. 

Thin Design

While the thin design is great for guidelines and creating barriers.

It can sometimes be restricting when you are trying to cover larger areas. 

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The thought of having crawling and flying insects in our house like spiders and roaches can be terrifying and annoying. Their very presence is a hassle. 

However, there’s no need to suffer while spiders are in your house. Use this list to find the spider trap that best fits your needs.

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