The 5 Best Skunk Traps

Dealing with pesky critters that love to mess up your vegetable garden or trash in search for food can be very troublesome.

If you left with the task of tidying up and disarray they leave behind and have been thinking of ways to get rid of them, I don’t blame you. 

Here we have five effective rodent traps to help you permanently say goodbye to those cute little nuisance around your home.

Lets dive in.

1. The Snare Shop #6 Tuff Trap


✅ Lifetime warranty

✅Effortless cage transfer

✅Detachable back plate

✅Guillotine designs prevents skunk from spraying

✅Narrow cage keeps the skunk from moving

✅Multi-animal trap

✅Easy cage clean-up

✅Simple design


🚫 Larger skunks may be avoid due to small size


🚫The product does not come with an instructional guide

🚫Application may take some time

Key Details

  • Materials: PVC pipe and steel
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 6 x 3.16 in
  • Spray proof: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes

How Does It Work

The Snare Shop Tuff Trap is best for outdoor use. You can position the trap on farms, yards, gardens, under sheds, and near storage rooms.

To use the Tuff Trap, locate the areas around your lot where there seems to be critter activity.

It is best to place the trap near burrows strategically or behind bushes where you think the skunk lives.

Once you have decided where to set your trap, cautiously set it up and try to conceal it with the environment.

To place the bait inside, lift the lock and raise the door. To effectively capture the animal, lure it at the farthest part of the cage.

Once the skunk has been captured, insert the key in the cage and transport. After use, you can clean it up by washing. Store away until next use.

What I Like

Works great for multiple rodents

Its narrow dimensions are great for catching different kinds of critter species. Not only can it trap skunks, but it can also capture other animals such as squirrels, possums, and other small-sized creatures.

Convenient cleaning

The cage’s backplate is detachable for easy cleaning. Spray the cage with water and soap after use.

Easy for transport

The greatest thing about this trap is that its easy to transport. It comes with handle that you can use it to easily move in from the placement to the location you will release the skunk.

It also has lock and safety features that keeps that trap from opening if it rolled over and to prevent the skunk from trying escape. 

Useful quality design

These traps are made with quality and thew consumer in mind. Each trap is tested for damaged and faults before being sent out.  

What I Dislike

It may be challenging to operate for first-time users

The product, when delivered, does not come with any instructional guides. Despite its simple features, operating it might be tricky for those who have not used a skunk trap before. 

Slightly expensive

The trap is not suitable for those who are looking for a cage within a budget. It is on the expensive side but you do get high quality materials for the price.                                    

Not for Larger Animals 

Specifically designed for smaller rodents, the trap does not work on larger animals or rodents. 

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2. Jt Eaton 475N Catch/Release Skunk Trap


✅Captures other small rodents such as possums, squirrels, and rabbits

✅The trap’s design features no-harm and no-spray qualities

✅User-friendly and easy to set-up

✅Has a dark interior that may bring comfort to a captured nocturnal animal

✅Non-corrosive polyethylene

✅Effective trap shape: it won’t roll over on its own

✅Bait section is easy to access


🚫Trap’s doors are thin

🚫Production quality issues

🚫The cages sides’ are sharp

Key Details

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 31 x 8 x 9 in
  • Weight: 9.12lb
  • Spray proof: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes

How Does It Work

You can use The JT Eaton Catch/Release Skunk Trap in gardens, near den entrances, and areas near buildings.

Unhook the latch and open the trap’s back door. Insert your bait inside and close the door.

Pull the back lever and push the hole in the middle to set the trigger.

Raise the door once again and be cautious not to hit the trigger. 

When relocating the skunk, stay quiet as much as you can to avoid agitating it.

Take into consideration the distance of the selected area.  

What I Like

Sturdy trap

Although this trap is made of plastic it is heavy duty plastic that is built to last. It is also has a square base to prevent it from rolling over once a skunk is caught. 

Humane animal trap

A humane and animal-friendly option of getting rid of different animals from your lot or garden. The trap’s dark interior can calm the animals inside to avoid stressing them out once captured.

User-friendly features 

The cage has an easy-release door feature that is easy to operate when luring and releasing the animal in an open area. Furthermore, it has a window so you can peek if a critter has already been caught. 

What I Dislike

Sharp corners

Animals might accidentally hurt themselves because of the trap’s sharp edges. The design needs more furnishing to avoid unwanted accidents. 

Trigger trap alignment may be uneven

The manufactured product sometimes comes out with defects. The trigger plate and mechanism alignments are disproportionate, making the whole catching process a little complicated. 

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3. No.6 Skunk-N-More Live Trap No Spray Skunk Trap


✅ Offers lifetime warranty

✅Zinc coated steel

✅Self-locking door and three-way trigger

✅The trap’s bait placement includes a food tray

✅Includes a window for checking

✅Traps a variety of rodent species

✅Easy transportation

✅Tight dimensions which prevent the skunk from spraying


🚫 The material is brittle and can be chewed through

🚫Slow door lock and release

Key Details

  • Materials: PVC tube and steel
  • Dimensions: 24 x 6 in
  • Weight: 8.8 lb
  • Spray proof: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes

How Does It Work

The Skunk-N-More Live Trap features a gravity self-operating door and a three-way self-setting trigger for an efficient trap without the extra work.

Setting up is also easy as it only requires a few steps. Open the bait door and directly place the lure into the built-in food tray.

When you pull the door up, the trigger sets up by itself. Once finished with the first two steps, you’re all set!

Wait for the rodent to enter and take the bait, and the door will automatically lock.

What I Like

Burrow-style trap

The Skunk-N-More Trap resembles a burrow-like formation which won’t make the trapped rodent feel uneasy. 


This product is designed for live trapping to avoid hurting and killing the critters while being transported to an open site. The trap is an effective method to release them safely despite being home nuisances. 

Resistant to corrosive elements

The steel components are covered in zinc, which guarantees you that the cage’s quality will last for a long time, even when exposed to outdoor elements such as dirt and rain.

What I Dislike

The automated door is slow

Although the automatic door is designed for effortless skunk control, the self-operating door may be too slow, raising the rodent’s probability to escape.

Chewable material

Critters, like squirrels, whose teeth can handle chewing through different materials, are capable of damaging the PVC pipe.

Even if they can’t escape, the whole unit should have been made to be sturdier. 

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4. Ouell Traps 4-11


✅Easy and safe installation process

✅Safe for outdoor use

✅Contactless animal release process through built-in lever

✅Weather-resistant structure


✅Able to capture different types of rodents

✅Sturdy spring pivot

✅Made from durable materials (galvanized metal frames)

✅Satisfies the International Human Trapping Standards


🚫 Not safe to use around children and pets

🚫 Not for trapping large rodents

Key Details

  • Materials: Steel and wood
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6 x 5 in
  • Weight: 2.4 lb
  • Spray proof: No
  • Reusable: Yes

How Does It Work

The Ouell Traps 4-11 can be installed anywhere. For indoor use, you can place the trap in attics, garages, and sheds. It is also perfect for outdoor use due to its weather-resistant components. 

To use the Ouell Traps, simply lift the trap’s door and place bait inside it.

Observe the snare regularly to see if any pesky rodents have been caught.

To release the rodent, you may lift the door or use the built-in level to push it out. 

For safety precautions, use a glove to protect you from accidentally mishandling the trap as it might hurt if your hand gets caught in it.

Remember to clean the trap with water after every use.

What I Like

Contactless animal release

The trap has a built-in lever that helps you remove the animal caught in it without contact. It is a safe option to protect you from any potential animal bites or attacks. 

Cruelty-free rodent control

The Ouell 4-11 was designed to be a non-lethal and cruelty-free trap to help you control critter activity without having to hurt them. 


Even when left outside for a significant amount of time, you won’t have to worry about the trap rusting or deteriorating because its materials were made to resist all types of weather conditions. 

What I Dislike

Not safe to use around pets or children

The trap can set off rather quickly due to its sensitivity to touch. It is best to keep this trap away from children or pets to avoid any injuries.

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5. Havahart 1030 Live Animal Two-Door Cage Trap


✅Constructed from sturdy and corrosive resistant materials

✅Framing made from steel and galvanized metal to ensure that no animal escapes

✅Sensitive trigger and plate mechanism

✅Includes handle guards and solid doors that provide protection

✅Smooth trap edges to prevent critters from accidentally hurting themselves

✅Non-lethal trapping and releasing

✅Ready-to-use with no assembly needed

✅Comes with a set of instructions


🚫cannot hold large rodents


Key Details

  • Materials: Galvanized steel and one-piece 12-gauge wire mesh
  • Dimensions: 24 x 7 x 7 in
  • Weight: 5.7 lb
  • Spray proof: No
  • Reusable: Yes

How Does It Work

The Havahart Live Animal Trap features a sensitive two-door trap for greater chances at catching rodents such as rabbits, squirrels, minks, and skunks.  

When looking for areas on where to put the trap, it is integral that you know the animal’s behavior.

Knowing if an animal is nocturnal or not will help you catch a critter more effectively. To arrange the trap, place your chosen lure inside.

Apply twigs and leaves on top and around it to camouflage it with the environment. After that, habitually check the trap for any captures. 

What I Like

Utilizes a sensitive trigger mechanism

The trap specializes in sensitive action mapping, which leaves no room for false triggers. It can easily catch a rodent in a breeze without hurting it.

Trap’s protection guards 

To ensure your safety from the animals when transporting them, you can use the trap’s handle guards to give you and the critter a safe distance by minimizing any chances of contact.

What I Dislike

Unstable bait pan

The product works well. However, inserting the lure in the bait pan can be troublesome because it won’t stay still. 

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Now that you’ve read through the whole list, I hope that I’ve helped you choose the right trap that is appropriate for what you need.

Don’t forget to list down all the important information as you can always come back to these tips if the critters do come back around. 

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