The 7 Best Fly Repellents In 2023

Flies are irritating and incredibly persistent pests. Come summer, a giant tide of flies could be swarming their way indoors into your homes.   

As vectors, these tiny insects also carry various health risks as they can be bearers of serious infections and diseases. The more you swat them, the more they keep coming back.

Ultimately, you will start your search for a good fly repellent to save your time and temper. 

And here I am, ready to help you find the best solution for your pest issues.

Eager to see which fly repellent can help scratch your itch? Keep reading.

1. Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks


✅Extended burn time – 2.5 hours/stick

✅Plant-based ingredients

✅Wider coverage area

✅Reasonably priced

✅DEET and Petroleum free

✅You can put out and restart the stick anytime

✅It repels other insects like gnats and mosquitos.


🚫Burning time depends on the wind condition

🚫Only for outdoors

🚫The smoke can be bothersome for the sensitive nosed

🚫Does not come with a holder

🚫Does not work during rainy seasons

🚫Has Andiroba oil which can be toxic for bee larvae

🚫Has Citronella which can be deadly to adult honeybees

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient:
    • Citronella oil: 1.5%
    • Lemongrass oil: 1%
    • Rosemary oil: 4.5%
    • Cedar oil: 1%
    • Peppermint oil: 2%
  • Count/Amount: Each tube of Mosquito Sticks includes 12 incense sticks
  • Type: Repellent Incense Stick

How Does It Work

The sticks work perfectly outdoors. It can be used during fishing, boating, swimming pools, lakes, outdoor picnics, hunting, camping, and even in gardens. 

To start, all you have to do is use a flame and burn for 15 to 20 seconds. Blow it out while leaving the ember. 

You should see a small stream of smoke leaving the end of the stick.

Place several sticks around the area infested with mosquitoes and fleas. To maximize its effect, place the sticks in intervals of 12 feet. 

The Murphy’s mosquito sticks use five essential oils, making it a highly potent mosquito repellent. Other mosquito sticks, for example, only use one essential oil, making them less effective. 

As they burn, the smoke and aroma released will repel mosquitoes and other insects such as gnats and flies. 

What I Like


Murphy’s mosquito sticks are plant-based and natural. Uses all natural essential oils to repel mosquitos.  

What’s more! The tube is recyclable too. The tube can even be used to store pencils, pens, and even paintbrushes. Murphy’s also gives away portions of their proceeds to charitable institutions. 


The repellant does not contain toxic DEET or petroleum, so they can be safely used around children and pets.

Also you can rest assured that the scent and smoke it releases is also safe. 

Value for money

This is a great purchase, one stick is expected to last around 2.5 hours. This give you about 30 hours of protection for one pack. Since you can put it out and turn it on again as you please you can spread your 30 hours out exactly as you want. 

What I Dislike

Some restrictions 

Although Murphy’s mosquito sticks are made of natural ingredients, people with allergies and respiratory issues could find them bothersome. 

Also, you can not use them indoors. Its also important that you make sure the smoke is able to spread around you. Windy days can discupt the effectiveness if the smoke is blow in the opposite direction. 

Not for the rainy days

The repellent stick goes off easily during rains. It has to be kept in a sheltered place and not in open spaces when it is raining or too breezy.

Needs multiple sticks

To get rid of the mosquitos, one stick isn’t usually enough. You will likely need to place one near were you are and others residual areas for ultimate protection. 

You also need to accept that there will be some light smoke in the air, although it does smell pleasant compared to other mosquito repellents.

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2. Cutter 95783 Citro Guard Citronella Candle Bucket


✅Uses natural ingredient – Citronella

✅Available in multiple color options

✅Comes in a container with an airtight lid

✅Burning time is 30-40 hours

✅It can work on a variety of insects, including mosquitos

✅It’s reasonably priced

✅The container has a metal base to prevent the candle from tipping over


🚫Outdoors use only

🚫The smell can get overpowering

🚫The container gets hot while burning

🚫The container handle is flimsy

🚫Does not work on heavily infested areas

🚫Smoke can cause allergic reactions

🚫An open flame can cause accidents

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Oil of Citronella (3%)
  • Count/Amount: 6 count, 17 oz./each
  • Type: Candle

How Does It Work

Treat this like any other candle you would use. Light the candle and place it where flies frequent. 

The key ingredient of the Cutter Citro Guard Candle is “Citronella.” The smell of the oil repels flies and other insects away. It also conceals the smell of blood and sweat, which attract insects.

What I Like

Long-lasting burn time

The Cutters Citro Guard is a 17oz candle placed in a large bucket holder. It burns anywhere between 30 to 40 hours, depending on the environmental conditions.

The candles are slower burning than standard candles, which extends protection against those pesky mosquitoes.


The candle is made of a potent natural ingredient – 3%Citronella essential oil. The ingredient acts as a natural insect repellant and is completely safe to use. It is free from any harmful chemicals.

Quality container

The candle comes in a high-quality bucket and is available in five different colors. The bucket has a solid base to prevent the candle from tipping.

The container is attractive and the label comes off easily. The bucket also comes with an airtight container to keep the scent and effectiveness of the candle intact when not in use.

What I Dislike

Requires maintenance

The candle does not have a triple wick. The wick has to be trimmed every time you use it to have a controlled burning.

Not for weak lungs

This candle does release more smoke than natural candles. For those with sensitive noses the smoke and scent can be irritating. 

Although the smoke is quite lite it should not be inhaled directly. 

You must keep candles at a same distance in particular for children. 

Only for use outdoors

Unfortunatly, if you have flies indoors you won’t be able to use this candle. Keep this candle for outdoor fly repellent. I recommend placing it near common entry points to your house. 

For example, if you will be leaving your front door open for extended periods, place the candle near the front door. This will discourage flies and other flying insects from approaching the door and entering your home. 

Not effective

While it works okay in areas near the flame, the candle isn’t as effective for heavier fly infestations. Larger infestations could require more candles or a chemical approach. 

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3. Zeropest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


✅Consists of an extensive range of frequencies

✅No chemicals or scents

✅Effective on a wide variety of pests

✅Covers a wide area
Noiseless and convenient to use

✅Cutting-edge technology using biological waves

✅Less power consumption


🚫Might be dangerous to small pets

🚫Effectivness varries

🚫Does not produce instant results

🚫Does not eliminate pests but reduces them

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: N/A
  • Count/Amount: 2 packs
  • Type: Ultrasonic Repellent 

How Does It Work

The patented high technology device sends out ultrasonic waves which wards away rats, mosquitoes, mice, spiders, ants, roaches, bugs, and fleas, disorienting and agitating them.

The ultrasonic sound can also causes confusion, convulsions, and eventually death in some pests. 

What I Like

Easy and safe to use

The Zeropest Ultrasonic system is completely safe and non-toxic. No chemicals are used and you don’t need to worry about harmful soundwaves. 

To start all you need to do is plug it into the wall and turn it on. 

Covers a Large Space 

The system covers 800 to 1200 sq. Ft. which is a large range compared to other ultrasonic repellents. Depending on how large your home is typically one or two will suffice. 

Since it comes in packs of two you get a total coverage of 2400 sq feet which is sufficient for most home. 

What I Dislike

No immediate results

The Zeropest may not be ideal for you if you are facing heavy pest infestation and you are looking for immediate results.

It is impossible to see results for at least three to four weeks. For heavy infestation, you will need multiple devices.

Consistent Effectiveness

The effectivness of this devices is not always consistent. While it might work at first and for short periods of time. 

In some cases, flies and rodents return as if they have become immune to the repellent.

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4. Buggins Natural Insect Repellent


✅DEET-free repellent formula

✅Natural plant-based repellent

✅Available in Vanilla, Mint, and Rose scents

✅The formula is non-greasy

✅Can be reapplied safely

✅The repellent has a fresh odor


🚫Needs to carefully used

🚫Stains the fabrics and odor lasts a long time

🚫It is not a single effective solution

🚫Not suitable for prolonged use


🚫Sweat can reduce the effect of the repellent

🚫Not effective on mosquitoes

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: 
    • Geraniol 1.5%
    • Peppermint Oil 0.5%
    • Lemongrass Oil 0.06%
    • Clove Oil 0.05
  • Count/Amount: 4 oz.
  • Type: Spray Repellent

How Does It Work

Upon application, the Buggins Natural Pest Repellent just evaporates and works by blocking the mosquito’s sense of smell, thus making it impossible to locate its target.

What I Like

Natural repellent

The Buggins Repellent is pesticide-free and does not contain DEET and other toxic chemicals like parabens, alcohol, dyes, petroleum, and other preservatives.

It is eco-friendly and does not cause any side effects.

What I Dislike

Frequent reapplication

The repellant is not very effective and needs constant reapplication to keep bugs away. 

Does not work on mosquitoes

The repellent is effective to ward away flies and gnats; however, it does not work on mosquitoes. 

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5. Repel Insect Repellent Mosquito Wipes


✅It consists of 30% DEET

✅No spillage and leakage issues

✅Ready-to-use wipes

✅Works on a wide range of pests, including mosquitoes and flies

✅Effective up to 10 hours


🚫May not be suitable for those prone to allergic reactions

🚫Wipes dry out quickly

🚫Requires multiple wipes for full coverage

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: DEET30.0%
  • Count/Amount: 15-count
  • Type: Wipes

How Does It Work

When applied on the skin, the Repel Insect Wipes creates a natural barrier against a wide variety of mosquitos, including those that spread Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika.

The DEET in the wipes obstructs the mosquito’s receptors and neurons, which play a crucial role in the detection of a potential meal.

What I Like


The Repel Insect Wipes comes in a convenient travel-size pouch to give you much-needed protection any time, anywhere. Each pouch has 15 wipes, ideal for outdoor use.

The wipes can be easily stuffed into your pocket to help reach out for instant protection on-the-go.

Highly efficient

The wipes contain 30% of DEET, a potential ingredient that works effectively against the mosquitos. The effect of the wipe lasts for almost 10 hours and that’s truly impressive.

Pleasant smell

The Repel Insect Wipes does not have the strong toxic smell of pesticides. In fact, it has a neutral fragrance and is quite pleasant to use.

What I Dislike

Can cause damage

The DEET present in the wipe can damage fabrics, crystals, watches, and leather.

It is not completely skin-friendly. It can be harsh and can cause skin irritations for people with sensitive skin.

Dries out quickly

The wipes don’t stay effective for a long time. Though the wipes come in a resealable pouch, the wipes dry out pretty fast.

If you fail to reseal the container, the wipes can dry out completely within a short period.

Not resistant to water

The ingredient of the Repel Insect Wipes is easily washed away with water. Once wiped out, they don’t work effectively against mosquitos.

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6. Off! Deep Woods


✅Consists of 25% DEET

✅Offered in many sizes

✅Long-lasting effect

✅Reasonably priced

✅Safe to use on children over two months


🚫Has an overwhelming smell

🚫Nozzle gets stuck frequently

🚫A bit greasy when applied.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Formulated with 25% DEET
  • Count/Amount: Pack of 12 (6 oz.)
  • Type: Aerosol Spray

How Does It Work

The key ingredient of Off! Deep Woods – DEET, works by emanating an odor that is unpleasant and annoying for mosquitoes. This smell will drive the mosquitos away.

Sometimes, the mosquito will get resistant to the smell and will land on the body to suck blood. At this point, the DEET will get itself separated from the essential oil and will taste bad for mosquitos, which will eventually drive them away.

What I Like

Highly efficient

The Off! Deep Woods spray works on a wide variety of insects including, ticks, mosquitos, flies, and gnats.

The ingredients work for a very long time and they don’t get washed away by sweat or humidity.

Easy application

The spray can easily be applied and can be used effortlessly in a flowing motion. Furthermore, it doesn’t stain your fabrics. 

Safe to use

The spray comprises 25% DEET which is certified by the FDA and EPA as being safe to use even on children as young as two months. This is one prominent advantage of this product as many repellent sprays cannot be used on very young children.

What I Dislike

Unpleasant smell

The Off! Deep Woods spray has an unpleasant smell and also gets sticky when applied to exposed skin.

This can be a real downside as you might smell of a repellent apparently. It can get too oily especially during summers.

DEET as the main ingredient

Many people will not prefer repellent sprays with DEET as a key ingredient. It’s a toxic ingredient and studies show that it’s associated with numerous neurological issues.

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7. Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen MAX with 40% DEET


✅ Provides 10-hour long protection from mosquitoes

✅Perfect for outdoor use

✅Doesn’t leave any greasy feeling

✅Can repel other bugs apart from mosquitoes


🚫 May be ineffective at times

🚫 Can potentially ruin synthetic fabrics

🚫 Gives off an unpleasant smell

🚫 Not the best product to be applied to the skin

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: 40% (Deet) and 60% (Other ingredients)
  • Type of killer: Lotion
  • Quantity: 4 oz. 

How Does It Work

The Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen MAX is best to use outdoors.

An excellent accompaniment for your adventures, the lotion can stay effective for at least eight to ten hours upon application.

Not only does it work on mosquitoes, but it can also repel other pests that you might come across when outdoors or on a trip.

What I Like

Long-lasting repellent

The lotion brings about 10-hour long mosquito protection. Within that time frame, not a single mosquito will dare land on your skin. 

Great Coverage Area

The product can give great coverage on the skin without leaving any greasy feeling at all.

Safe to use on kids

It’s formulated safe and gentle to be used on children’s skin from ages two months and up.

What I Dislike

Has a strong scent

The product works well, but its scent is too strong and can linger for many hours later after application. 

May cause skin reaction

Although DEET is harmless on the skin, it may still stir a reaction for sensitive skin or product allergy. 

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Flies are irritating and incredibly persistent pests. Come summer, a giant tide of flies could be swarming their way indoors into your homes.   

As vectors, these tiny insects also carry various health risks as they can be bearers of serious infections and diseases. The more you swat them, the more they keep coming back.

Ultimately, you will start your search for a good fly repellent to save your time and temper. 

And here I am, ready to help you find the best solution for your pest issues.

Eager to see which fly repellent can help scratch your itch? Keep reading.

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