5 Best Pet Safe Cockroach Killers In 2023

Most of the cockroach killers are not pet safe so we picked top 5 to help you kill the cockroach and keep your pet safe:

1. Harris Diatomaceous Earth – Best Dust



✅ No Odor.
✅ 100% natural diatomaceous earth.
✅ Comes with a dusting bulb.
✅ Safe for both humans and animals.
✅ Fits inside small crevices.


🚫 Gets messy.
🚫 Dust in the air can be harmful.
🚫 The application must be methodical.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Silica
  • How Fast Does It work: 60% mortality after 24 hours and 100% after one week.
  • How Long Does It Last: Effective as long it remains dry.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Works On: All insect invertebrates such as cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, beetles, etc. 

How Does It work

Diatomaceous earth kills insects by destroying their exoskeletons.

This happens in two steps.

  1. DE absorbs the oily and waxy outer cuticle layer found on a cockroaches exoskeleton.
  2. Once the outer layer is destroyed, cockroaches lose water and die from dehydration.

Although to humans DE is just like any other powder, to insect, it has microscopic, razor-sharp edges.

Two things determine how effective DE is on insects.

  1. Cockroaches must make contact with DE for it to work.
  2. DE must be dry for it to remain effective on cockroaches.

How To Apply:

For Diatomaceous earth to remain safe for pets is best to keep it out of their reach or access.

To do this, you need to follow a few steps.

1. Clean and Dry

Clean and dry the area you will be applying DE. This will make DE more effective.

2. Spread A Thin Layer In Small Crevices

Using a dusting bulb apply DE to any small crevices where there are signs of bed bugs or frequent.

It is essential that you only apply a thin layer that is slightly visible.

Thick layers will seem daunting to cockroaches, and they will avoid the DE all together.

This includes: 

  • Under Appliances
  • Wall voids
  • Gaps between cabinets and other furniture.
  • Baseboards
  • Behind cabinets

Harris Diatomaceous Earth Review

Diatomaceous Earth is a great natural product that is both safe for pets and humans.

The key to keeping DE safe for pets is only applying it to small crevices inside your home.

This will prevent DE from getting airborne and causing any damage to the respiratory tract when

This will keep DE out of reach from any pets you have in your home.

To Keep DE as safe as possible, use food grade DE. This DE is safe to consume in large small amounts.

It is used in certain household products and food products.

DE is highly effective when properly placed. DE can eliminate 100% of bed bugs after only one week in light to moderate infestations.

Remember to keep DE out of wet or damp areas for the best results.

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2. Catch Master Glue Trap – Best Glue Trap



✅ Easy to apply.
✅Fits in small hiding places.
✅Highly effective when cockroaches walk over it.
✅Comes in several different quantity options.



🚫 Not effective for the entire population.
🚫Only kills on contact.
🚫No residual effect.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Adhesive
  • How Fast Does It Work: Immediately
  • How Long Does It Last: Sticky for 1 year.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Works On: All pests including rats and raccoons.

How To Apply It?

Applying cockroach traps is very easy.

First you need to look for signs of cockroaches around your home.

Some common hiding sports for cockroaches include:

  • Under the kitchen and bathroom sink
  • Inside, under and on top of Cabinets
  • Under and behind appliances.
  • Inside or behinds shelves
  • Around the toilet
  • In the bathtub
  • Near or around drains

Check your traps daily.

Try to place cockroach traps near or around these hiding spots.

  • Common places to place cockroaches traps include:
    Under appliances
  • In gaps between furniture
  • Along guidelines
  • Other areas you might have seen cockroaches.

How Does It Work?

Glue boards are quite simple. They are one of the easiest and common ways of treating cockroaches inside your home.

When cockroaches walk over the trap the adhesive traps them on it and they can’t move.

Eventually, they will die or you can discard the trap.

Remember to fold the trap before placing it.

Traps that are safe for pets will fold and only have a small opening that allows cockroaches to walk through.

These holes make will prevent animals or pets from getting stuck on the carpet.

For the safes results place glue traps where your pets can access them such as under appliances or behind cabinets.

Catch Master Glue Trap Review

Glue traps are one of the most common ways people resort to killing cockroaches.

Catchmaster is one of the most well respected brands and often used by pest control professionals as well.

The glue traps is well built and easy to set up.

They remain effective for one year before they begin to harden and lose their stickiness.

The 1-year longevity is truly unmatched and one of the great things about this glue trap.

In addition, it has a peanut butter scent that is designed to attract cockroaches.

It does not use any harmful chemicals that could be dangerous to your pets or other animals in your home.

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3. Eco Raider – Best Pet Safe Spray



✅ Fast acting.
✅ Residual effect up to 2 weeks.
✅ Comes with a spray nozzle.
✅ Easy to apply.


🚫 Expensive for such a small amount of product.
🚫Ingredients can cause sensitivity.
🚫The smell can bother some people.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Natural Geraniol 1%, Cedar oil 1% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 2%.
  • How Fast Does It Work: 95% mortality after 24 hours.
  • How Long Does It Last: Residual effect up to two weeks.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Works On: Bed bugs, Ants, Crickets, Fleas, Flies, Gnats, Lice, Dermestids, Midges, Mites, Millipedes, Moths, Spiders, Silverfish, Stink Bugs, Wasps, Ticks, Yellow Jackets

How To Apply It?

EcoRaider can be sprayed directly on cockroaches, on common hiding spots, or around furniture and other locations around your home to build a barrier. 

EcoRaider works instantly providing mortality with 24 hours of contact and has a residual effect of up to 24 hours. 


How Does It Work?

EcoRaider patent formula is designed to destroy cockroach exoskeleton. 

After penetrating the exoskeleton, it attacks specific neuron receptors of invertebrates. 

This ensures that people and other mammals such as dogs and cats remained unharmed if they come in contact with EcoRaider. 

EcoRaider Review

EcoRaider is a well researched product with several Rutgers University studies confirming its effectiveness.

The studies show that EcoRaider can kill 95% of cockroaches in 24 hours. They also show that it has a repellency effect deterring cockroaches from returning. 

It works fast and does leave a lingering smell that is disruptive which I really like. 

I also prefer the stay bottle which avoids the use of any aerosols and its easy to spray into small cracks and crevices. 

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4. EcoSmart Ant and Roach killer – Best Aerosol Spray



✅ Plant-based – no synthetic chemicals.
✅ Safe to use indoors.
✅ Kills cockroaches and other pests.
✅ Carbon dioxide as propellent – good for the environment.



🚫 Odor is lost lasting and powerful.
🚫 Limited residual effect.
🚫 Expensive.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: Rosemary, Cinnamon, and Wintergreen Oil.
  • How Fast Does It Work: 20 seconds to 1 minute of contact.
  • How Long Does It Last: 1-3 days.
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Works On: Any Invertebrate.

How To Apply It?

This is an aerosol that delivers instant kills on contact.

Also great for spraying any wall voids or places where cockroaches frequent.

When spraying on surfaces that people frequent, be sure to wipe off any excess liquid.

How Does It Work?

Eco smart uses a patented all-natural mixture made of rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, and wintergreen oil propelled by carbon dioxide.

This is a great all-natural alternative to the common pyrethroid insecticide sprays.

Their formula works by targeting the neural receptors only found in invertebrates, which makes is safe to all other animals, include pets and other mammals.

EcoSmart Review

This is a great option for those looking to kill cockroaches instantly without having to use toxic chemicals.

With Ecosmart, you don’t have to forgo an instant kill for a natural product.

Ecosmart kills cockroaches between 20 seconds to 1 minute.

It also has a short residual effect that lasts between 1-3 days but becomes less effective over time.

Another benefit is that Ecosmart smallest natural and fresh compared to the toxic smell of other products such as Raid or Hot Shot.

Since the active ingredients target all invertebrates, you are not restricted to only killing cockroaches.

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5. Henslow Reusable Bait Station – Best Pet Safe Bait Station



✅ Reusable.
✅ Sturdy and Durable.
✅ Environmentally friendly.
✅ Easy to use.



🚫 Large.
🚫 The clear cover makes them unsightly.
🚫 Requires cleaning to use.
🚫 Must Dispose of cockroaches afterward.

Key Details

  • Active Ingredient: None
  • How Fast Does It Work: When cockroaches enter.
  • How Long Does It Last: Lifetime
  • For Use: Indoors & Outdoors
  • Works On: Any small insects.

How Does It work

The Henslow reusable bait stations is quite simple. There is bait inside that attracts roaches. 

One the roaches enter they can no longer exit the traps. 

If you are using non-toxic bait then the cockroaches will either die from starvation or after you clean the machine. 

If you are using toxic bait the cockroach’s death will depend on the chemical used. 

I recommend using bait inside. I prefer not to have live cockroaches when I clean the tra


How To Apply:

Applying the reusable bait station is easy. 

Before you decide your preferred location, place your bait in the center holder.

Next, close the bait station and lock it up. 

Finally, choose a location where cockroaches frequent or live. 

Let the bait station do its magic and attract and kill cockroaches.

Henslow Reusable Bait Station Review

While most bait stations are not completely pet proof this one is. 

With traditional bait stations if your pet chews on it they can break it and get access to the bait. 

In these bait stations there is typically a lot of bait. 

This can exposed your bets to unhealthy and hamrful amounts of insecticide. 

The Henslow reusable bait stations is one way you can avoid this issue. 

It locks shut and is made of durable hard plastic which makes it difficult to bite through or open. 

In addition, it is on the larger side making it even hard for dogs to try and get inside. 

I highly recommend you use a toxic bait such as Avidion.


This will allow you to easily kill the roaches and avoid having to deal with live roaches when you clean it. 

While this roach bait is not safe for pets it’s very unlikely that they will ever be able to get access to it.

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Types Of Roach Killers Unsafe for Pets

  • Pyrethroid Spray:

Traditional insecticide sprays such as Raid and Hot Shot should not be used around pets. 

While pyrethroid is an extremely toxic chemical to dogs it can cause issues in Cats and other mammals such as dogs. 

While these chemicals are not deadly, to preserve the health of your pets it is best to stay away from insecticide sprays as much as possible. 

  • Foggers

Foggers just like insecticides sprays commonly use Prythroids. 

Foggers are a bit worse because they spray chemicals all over the surface of your home without targeting the root cause of cockroaches. 

These chemicals will embed the surface of fabrics and any other soft materials and are hard to remove. 

Avoid foggers at all costs. They combine all the negative aspects of insecticide sprays while reducing the benefits. 

  • Bait Stations

Traditional bait stations fall in middle ground when it comes to its safety for pets. 

If you can ensure that your pets will not be able to access to trap then this is a great way to eliminate cockroaches in a pet-safe way. 

Unfortunately, ensuring that your pet will not be able to find the cockroach traps is easier said than done. 

There is no guarantee that they will be able to access the bait inside but if dogs or cats chew on them they will get access to a large amount of bait. 

This is unsafe and its better to be safe than sorry and avoid using bait stations if you have pets that may disturb them.  


What To Consider When Purchasing a Pet Safe Cockroach Killer?

  • Active Ingredient

One of the essential features of a safe cockroach killer is the active ingredient.

To keep your pets safe, you want a cockroach killer without any chemicals.

Most pet safe cockroach killers use essential oils or plant-based extracts.

Plant-based extracts are used to destroy the exoskeleton of invertebrates and attack their neurons.

The great thing is that they dissipate quickly and they are safe for pets.

  • Application Method

This refers to how you will use the roach killer.

Most natural roach killers take the form of sprays or dust powders.

Sprays are effective, although they can leave a lasting smell that can be disruptive.

Other applications methods include bait traps and glue traps.

These are great alternative methods for killing cockroaches while keeping your pets safe.

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